If you are looking for everyday household products that are functional and useful, then Miniso is the brand for you. With its extensive range of products, Miniso offers the best of Japanese innovation to Filipinos. Find out more about Miniso Philippines below.


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The Types of Products You Can Buy from Miniso Philippines

Miniso is a supplier that provides budget-friendly household products to consumers for everyday usage. Their products designs are based on the philosophy of “simplicity, nature, and good quality” and the proposition of “returning to nature”. They specialize in affordable household goods including lifestyle, digital, wellness products, and many more.

Health and Beauty Products

From portable handheld massagers to skincare to makeup, Miniso provides a wide variety of health and beauty products, which are sold at affordable prices.

Digital Products

If you want to up your tech game, Miniso offers accessories and peripherals such as USB cables, headsets, Bluetooth speakers, and many more. Although these products might not be as good as those from tech brands, they are reliable enough to be used as spares especially when you're on the go.

Creative Homeware Products

The homeware products created by Miniso show the creativity of Japanese designs, combining affordable prices and practical designs. These products are great additions due to the comfort and convenience they bring. Most of these products have colorful and cutesy designs that add a pop of color to break the monotony of your home.

Fashion Accessories

The Japanese are known for its eccentric fashion, so it is not surprising that Miniso offers a wide selection of fashion accessories and items to complement your personal style. These fashion products can be brought at affordable prices and can be used to complete your look. From hairbands to earrings to necklaces, these minimalistic yet stylish accessories will add elegance and a feminine vibe to your look.

Boutiques and Bags

A bag is more than just an item for keeping essentials; it also doubles as a fashion accessory. At Miniso, you can find an assortment of bags - from cosmetic bags to keep your makeup products to colorful carrier bags that are perfect for work, travel, etc.

Stationery and Gifts

Miniso offers stationery products which make good gifts for loved ones. They have greeting cards, coloring equipment, drawing books, etc.

Kitchenware and Household Products

Want to add kitchenware and decorative products to your home without spending a fortune? Worry not, you can find them at Miniso. From food containers and utensils to home decorative items, Miniso offers these items at affordable prices.


Toys are children's beloved possessions, which can help develop a child’s cognitive development, improve motor skills, and many others. At Miniso, you can find a variety of different toys such as figurines, puzzles, toy vehicles, building blocks, etc.

Representing the best of Japanese creativity, Miniso proves that budget-friendly products do not necessarily lack quality. Besides Miniso, Daiso is another reliable Japanese brand that you should check out as they offer useful everyday products at budget prices!