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MINIX Computing

MINIX Philippines brings a new form of entertainment

What is MINIX?

MINIX is an electronics company that was established in 2008. They produce compact and portable PC and media hubs. Their innovation has made them a global leader in their development of these next generation computing devices. MINIX produces products that are well built enough to bring a whole new meaning to the scene of media entertainment.

MINIX Philippines places a strong emphasis on the functionality and practicality of their products. Their products also bring about simplicity that will allow anyone to use their products and to fully utilize the power of MINIX Philippines's computer products. They pay close attention to their users via their online MINIX forums where they take users feedback and suggestions seriously and then implement it into their product and their updates.

What does MINIX Philippines actually produce?

MINIX actually produces TV boxes, or mini computers of sorts, and accompanying accessories. Most of these MINIX TV boxes runs on Google's Android operating software. In simple terms: These are basically Android TV boxes that you plug into your television to act as a media hub. The vast number of Android applications that are available for download lets most users utilize almost any applications on their television for convenience and fun.

How different is MINIX compared to others?

Most Android TV manufacturers and brands produce very underwhelming and low quality Android TV boxes. Not only are these products very subpar, but they also lack a lot of post-sales service and manufacturing support, leading to a lot of broken devices. MINIX Philippines however, is not like that at all. MINIX Philippines is very positively regarded by its users and customers, and they are also always updating their Android TV Boxes to stay up to date with software. MINIX also provides a lot of post-sales support for their Android TV Boxes, so that their customers will never feel like they have been abandoned by MINIX.

The benefits of MINIX Philippines's media hubs

  • Access to millions of applications from the Google Android Play Store.
  • Ability to stream high-definition videos through Android applications such as YouTube and Netflix.
  • You can browse the Internet via Google Chrome or other Internet browsers.
  • Play the fantastic assortment of different Android games; you can even further enhance the gaming experience with a compatible the controller.
  • Get some work done with a compatible keyboard and computer mouse.
  • USB ports which can support peripherals and external HDD (hard disk drives) up to 2.5TB of storage space.
  • SD Card slot for further storage expandability.

MINIX Neo Z64, go Android or Windows

The best Android TV Box by MINIX. This MINIX Android TV box is the world's first Android TV Box to be powered by Intel's Bay Trail 64-bit processor. This gives the Neo Z64 amazing performance and speeds. The MINIX Neo Z64 has a feature called Automatic Refresh Rate Switching which gives it the ability to detect and switch to the appropriate refresh rate depending on the video content and data; this ensures that your video stays fluid and sharp for your ease and convenience.

As with most users who look at Android, storage space is something not taken for granted. However, with MINIX's Neo Z64, users will get a whooping 32GB eMMC (5.0) storage, which will enable users to download a variety of Android applications from the Google Play Store. The fast read and write speeds of the eMMC storage also ensures that the Android TV Box stay fast always.

For the users who find Android a little cumbersome or unsuitable for them, there's always the Windows 8.1 variant of the MINIX Neo Z64-Android TV Box. More towards a ultra compact mini desktop PC, the Windows 8.1 MINIX Neo Z64. Sharing the same technical specifications as the Android version, the Windows 8.1 mini PC will enable users to have the full true desktop computer experience in a compact form factor.

MINIX Neo X5 Mini, simplicity matters

Like all electronics companies, MINIX has certainly not forgotten that not all users care about the fastest or the best of the best of computer performance and specifications. Some people simply want a very simple device that will suit them best. This is where the MINIX X5 Android TV Box comes in. The X5 is perfect for those who are just looking to do very simple web browsing, media streaming from online sources, playing simpler and less intensive games, and watching movies in 1080p formats. All these uses at a very affordable price point.

Users get their bang for their bucks with the X5's small compact form. Packed with a dual-core processor and 1GB of RAM, the X5 is more than capable to handle very simple task. For those who wish to further expand on the MINIX X5 has 2 USB ports and an SD card slot for them to use with external hard disk drives or memory cards. The MINIX X5 Android TV Box is truly for those who want something slightly more, but at an affordable price.

MINIX Neo X8-H Plus, bringing 4K to your TV

The MINIX Neo X8-H Plus is the TV box for a home theater experience. It has the power and capability to bring ultra high-definition (4k resolution) videos to your compatible television in vivid color displays and fantastic Dolby Digital Plus surround sound. This TV box cum media hub may be small, but it sure packs a lot. Driving all these fantastic features are its built-in quad-core ARM A9 processor and an Octa-Core Mali 450 GPU which enables fantastic performance and fantastic graphic performance.

To stream all those sharp 4K videos requires connectivity that is both reliable and lightning fast. That is why the Neo X8-H Plus is fully equipped with a Gigabit Ethernet ports and a 802.11ac Wi-Fi adapter to ensure that it is up to date with the current Internet speeds.

If you are in the market looking for a media hub or an Android box, MINIX produces one of the best. Paired with their reliable software support and post-sales service, they have been positively favoured by a lot of their users.