As a globally recognized brand, Mitsubishi Electric has made a name for itself in the aircon industry with its high quality, energy-efficient aircon units that promise durability and a long lifespan. Whether it's for residential, commercial, or industrial use, you're bound to find the right aircon units that suit your needs. Shop from our wide selection of Mitsubishi air conditioners below!

Does Mitsubishi have a split-type aircon system? | What is the most energy-efficient Mitsubishi split-type aircon? | What's the best Mitsubishi air conditioner?


All You Need to Know About Mitsubishi Aircon Philippines

Mitsubishi Air Conditioning Systems

Room Air Conditioners

A wide variety of indoor unit designs and outdoor unit capacities ensures the flexibility to meet the most challenging of air conditioning needs. From aesthetic wall-mounted and floor-standing designs to ceiling-recessed cassettes, Mitsubishi Electric provides abundant options for you to match virtually any interior design.

Many systems are equipped with the "l-see sensor" - an original Mitsubishi Electric technology that realizes better air conditioning control. This is combined with other industry-leading energy-saving and silencing technologies to produce air conditioners that provide optimum performance and room comfort wherever they are installed.

Package Air Conditioners - Mr Slim

The Mr. Slim Series of small- to medium-sized split-type room air conditioners offers the convenience of being compact yet powerful; a combination ensuring excellent performance and easy installation. Available in a variety of capacity and design combinations, the Mr. Slim Series is ideal for creating a "best match" system for your air conditioning requirements. Inverter-based units promise industry-leading quiet operation and a high coefficient of performance (COP).

Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) Systems - City Multi

Mitsubishi Electric's VRF air conditioning systems offer the luxury of distributed airflow and the independent control of indoor units. Installation flexibility and a wide selection of indoor unit designs and outdoor unit capacities ensure "best match" solutions for air conditioning needs, even for the most diversified requirements.

Consideration for the environment during development has led to the manufacture of powerful, compact units that consume minimal energy, have a high coefficient of performance (COP), and contribute to maximum room comfort.

Ventilators - Lossnay

The unique Lossnay heat-exchange technologies developed by Mitsubishi Electric help refresh a room's air while leaving temperature and humidity largely unchanged. The Lossnay core features a diaphragm constructed of specially processed paper configured into a cross-flow, plate-fin structure.

The advanced heat transfer and moisture permeability properties of the paper help maximize the recovery of heat as air is circulated through the element. The result is substantial energy savings and a more comfortable indoor environment. Lossnay ventilators can be used alone or in combination with other air conditioning/ventilation systems.

Does Mitsubishi have a split-type aircon system?

Yes, Mitsubishi does offer mini-split air conditioning systems consisting of an outdoor condensing unit that uses two refrigerant lines to connect as many as eight indoor units. This provides better, more customizable temperature control for a single zone or throughout your entire home.

Mitsubishi Electric's technologically advanced mini-split air conditioners and heat pumps can provide superior comfort, lower energy costs (thanks to energy efficiency), zero emissions, and ultra-quiet heating and air conditioning in any climate.

What is the most energy-efficient Mitsubishi split-type aircon?

One of the best Mitsubishi split-type aircon units is the Mitsubishi SRK13YN that's equipped with inverter technology - an energy-saving technology that's widely used in many aircon units today. The SRK13YN has a cooling capacity of around 10918 BTU/h and a power consumption of 1000 W. That puts its Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER) rating at around 10.92, a good range for energy saving.

Living in a city where exposure to pollution is a challenge, ensuring consistently fresh airflow is particularly important. Luckily, the Mitsubishi SRK13YN is fitted with a natural enzyme filter that destroys the cell walls of microorganisms trapped in the filter, destroying them and ensuring your health and safety.

What's so cool about this unit is that it also has a solar filter that deodorizes odor-causing molecules, ensuring that your home smells as cool and fresh as possible. Overall, this aircon offers value for money as what you're getting is quality and durability assured.

What's the best Mitsubishi air conditioner?

Mitsubishi JR Series Non-Inverter Air Conditioner

Offering the best of both worlds in high cooling capacity and energy efficiency, the Mitsubishi MS-JR13VF air conditioner packs a bunch to ensure that you get the most value out of your investment. This aircon unit features one-touch Econo Cool which sets the airflow based on the temperature while reducing up to 20% of energy consumption.

In addition, it features Powerful Cool functions which allow you to enjoy rapid cooling in less than 15 minutes with 10% more airflow than the regular high-speed fan. With this aircon unit, you'll get to enjoy cleaner air thanks to its Nano Platinum Filter and Air Purifying Filter, both of which work in tandem to trap dust and bacteria to ensure fresh airflow at all times.

Besides saving a lot more energy cost as compared to other models in the market, the Mitsubishi JR Series Non-Inverter Air Conditioner is fairly easy to clean as its detachable panel can be dismantled easily. You can rest assured that the internal components of this Mitsubishi aircon are always in good condition. This is because it is equipped with the advanced Dual Barrier Coating technology which is beneficial for preventing the accumulation of dust, grease, and dirt inside.

Where to buy a Mitsubishi air conditioner in the Philippines?

You can find a wide variety of Mitsubishi air conditioners on e-marketplaces such as Lazada and Shopee, as well as from home electronics sellers like SM Appliance and Robinsons Appliances.

Aside from Mitsubishi Electrics, you can compare a wide array of air conditioning systems from other brands such as LG, Condura, Panasonic, Samsung, Daikin, Media, and many more here at iPrice Philippines today!