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Mizuno Shoes Philippines: For The Love of Sports

Mizuno Shoes Philippines: From Seller to Manufacturer

When Mizuno first started out in 1906, it was not a manufacturer of sportswear. Instead, the company started out as a shop that sold western sundries, including baseballs. It would be many years later, in year 1913, that the company ventured into making baseballs and gloves of their own. Fast forward to the present, where Mizuno is now a brand very much associated with sports.

The brand believes that “sports play a vital role in helping people lead prosperous and comfortable lifestyles”. From sporting equipment to sportswear and footwear, Mizuno has firmly ingrained itself in the sports world, delivering great products that appeal to its customers and consumers around the world.

Mizuno Shoes Philippines: The Sporty Lifestyle

Among the sports-related items that it has to offer, Mizuno’s shoes are quite popular with people around the globe. From soccer cleats to running shoes, Mizuno has plenty to offer in terms of sports footwear. Below is a list of sports that they provide footwear for:

  • Running shoes
  • Baseball cleats
  • Volleyball shoes
  • Soccer cleats

Mizuno Shoes: For The Run of Your Life

Among the many shoes that Mizuno has to offer, there is no doubt that its running shoes are the most popular. Each of their running shoes feature the Mizuno Wave Technology, a famous feature that was born in 1997.

Basically, the Mizuno Wave Technology is simply the way of forming the midsole of the athletic shoes. It features a wavy structure (whereas other sports shoes feature midsoles with flat structure) to disperse the force of your shoes’ impact against the ground. It reduces the wear on your shoes and also provides great comfort and cushioning for your feet. The midsoles also provide excellent arch support for your feet, giving superior motion control over your stride.

We have compiled a short list of their popular lines of running shoes below:

  • Mizuno Wave Sayonara
    • Neutral performance shoe
    • Lightweight and responsive
    • A go-to for runners
    • Available for both men and women
  • Mizuno Wave Rider
    • The very first shoe to feature the Mizuno Wave Technology
    • Regulates temperature to reduce the chances of getting blisters
    • Current Wave Rider is lighter with a faster, sleeker look than the original
    • Available for both men and women
  • Mizuno Wave Prophecy
    • Soft pliable upper with high breathability
    • Great cushioning for great comfort
    • Features full-length Infinity Wave Technology
    • Absorbs shock when feet meets the ground
    • Available for men and women

Mizuno Shoes Philippines: The Best Choice For Athletes

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