Sophisticated yet friendly to the budget, Mossimo is a brand that's been conquering the mid range market for decades now. Instead of following the trend that hits the runway, Mossimo makes them! Check out their closet filled with stylish goodness! Simply click right here!


Be A Trend Setter With Mossimo Philippines

A mid-range clothing brand from America, founded by Mossimo Giannuli of Newport Beach, CA. The founder of this clothing brand, Mossimo has a great yearning towards fashion, which inspired him to establish the brand, back in 1986. Five years after the brand was established, Mossimo expanded its product category including sweatshirts, knits and sweaters. When the brand turned a decade old, its clothing line grew, expanding to a range of women's clothing and suits for men. From stylish men's clothing, Mossimo became a multimillion dollar lifestyle brand that offers more than just clothes to men and women, but a lifestyle that is fashion focused. Mossimo is highly dedicated towards research and setting a trend in the fashion scene, which is why its popularity rose very quickly. To date, Mossimo continues to be a trend setter as they inject energy into their fashion line, making their clothes a sensational whatever the season may be.

Mossimo's Expansion of Products

Elegants, trendy but affordable - in three words that's how Mossimo Philippines stands out in the clothing and apparel market.

Sophisticated, affordable and fashionable – that’s how most consumers describe the Mossimo apparel brand. Mossimo is under Iconix brand group, their target market is the youth. From urban to street style through sports attire. Mossimo is a mid-range American brand and has six hundred (600) internationally licensed stores in different countries: like Japan, Philippines, Australia, Mexico and India. Mossimo clothing concentrated on jeans, shirts, jackets, socks, underwear and accessories. Until they expanded their product line, they added some apparel like sweatshirts, knits and sweaters. Of course, when Mossimo expanded their theme clothes, their profit also sums up. Mosimmo is a consistent company, and all the way, their only goal is to make their consumers happy.


  • Items: Mossimo has wide collection of beautiful Sunglasses
  • Features: These sunglasses are usually made of Thermoplastic, Aluminum, and Titanium. Stylish shapes comes with Butterfly, Round, Square, Pilot, Cateye, and Oval that are perfect for any types of faces
  • Advantage: Sick of usual designs of sunglasses? Mossimo has huge collection that can accentuate to your everyday look

Women's Tops

  • Items: Tanktop, short sleeves, raceback, long sleeve, V-Tee and chevron
  • Features: Common fabric being used are Cotton, silk, chiffon, polyester and denim; all provides comfort to the wearer
  • Advantages: Women has huge choices of clothing perfect on her everyday attire

Men's Tees

  • Items: Men's wide array of stylish clothing are V-neck, slim fit long, baseball shirt, V-neck long sleeves and short sleeves
  • Features: Just like women's apparel, men's wear are made of Cotton, polyester, Knit and denim all gives comfort and fashion
  • Advantages: Ideal for everyday wear, great for casual to smart casual look


  • Items: Aside from women and men's stuff, Mossimo also offers stylish and classy accessories such as bags and watches
  • Features: Watches are usually made from leather and stainless steel and comes with different designs as well as their bags crafted from leather and synthetic
  • Advantages: These are useful for one's everyday getup

Mossimo Wants the Best for You

Mossimo offers great designs for the entire family. They always provide options for women, men and juniors. They offer classic wear and basic outfit for all types of people, they make sure that they can spice people’s daily look. They also provide the best fit for all body types; like heavy type to petite ones, and suitable garment banners for all skin tone; like neutral, dark, light, and dual-colors. So what are you waiting? Shop at the nearest Mossimo store and enjoy your set of clothes!

Why choose Mossimo?

  • Mossimo brand is budget-friendly
  • It is very durable and genuine
  • Mossimo uses very high quality materials
  • A very fashionable brand that everyone can go along trendy apparels
  • Mossimo is recognized globally

Stylish to the Right Intent

Know your fashionable basics and practice your styling skills with a brand that offers more than just clothing. With Mossimo, you get to mix and match your looks conveniently. Create everyday looks that will keep you in the stylish fold. Go for the casual and urban look by wearing a Mossimo collared shirt with shorts. Complement that outfit with an analog watch that comes in bold colors plus a basic and sleek backpack for you to store your things in. The ladies can go for a laid back look with a touch of girly. Mossimo pullovers can go well with either shorts or jeans. You can accessorize that look by wearing a Mossimo silver strap analog watch or some shades to heighten up the casual mood. Enjoy creating looks with Mossimo’s delectable fashion choices.