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MSE Philippines - Proudly Presenting Pinoy Clothing

Delivering high quality and affordable products such as clothing and shoes to the people, MSE Philippines continues to make new inroads in the world of fashionable products. MSE or Marikina Shoe Exchange can be said to be well-known in the Filipino market because it understands the market very well through getting in touch with people at the grass-root level. Through effective marketing and distribution techniques, it is actually unsurprising that MSE is able to garner widespread support among the Filipino people. Offering the latest fashion trends, MSE boasts a wide selection of products as well as providing inspiration and ideas that can help the aspiring and ambitious youths to stay in touch with the upcoming styles and senses. Those with the knack for hottest stuff in the fashion line will choose MSE because it represents fun yet functional fashion that is truly unique and exciting. The MSE also plays the main role of championing Filipino products so that many will appreciate the great craftsmanship and skill displayed by the Filipino people.

The History Of MSE Philippines

Proudly owned by the Jardiolin family, the MSE Philippines is a family-owned Filipino company. The MSE was established in September 1999 and it was designed as a marketing plan for the businessmen who have their own network of dealers so that it will be easier and cheaper to distribute these fashion products. This was also why MSE took pride in offering high quality and affordable products such as apparel, body care, footwear, bags, personal care and household products. Its sister companies were Natasha, Confetti, Xxtra, Vivacci, Gabrio Franco, and Shoe Studio; MSE often operated hand in hand with these sister companies so that it can capture more target markets as well as expanding its products.

The 1984 marked the opening of the Confetti Greenbelt (named after the events of the EDSA revolution where confetti rains throughout the streets) branch and soon it flourished around 1987 to 1990 where there was a remarkable rapid expansion of the said company. The company reached its peak when it opened another branch at the SM Megamall in 1989. In 1990, Natasha started as a retail operation in Robinsons Galleria. From 1990 until 1993, it was the beginning of Natasha Department Store outlets in Cinderella and Landmark stores. On 18 April 1994, the group of companies eventually launched its direct-selling marketing plan which was later revised from 1996 to 1997 in order to provide a new edge plan which was still being used in the present. A significant milestone was achieved in the history of MSE as the first MSE branch was opened in Tutuban on September 1999. Throughout its history, MSE has proved itself to be impressive as it was able to offer a great selection of exclusive trendy fashion designs in the Philippines.

Why You Should Buy MSE Philippines

MSE Philippines believes in these core values when it comes to delivering its products and services to the Filipino people. Well tested and proven, these core values enable MSE to be popular and loved by many people because they believe in empowering the customers as well as giving them opportunity to look awesome and fashionable in their own way. As MSE believes in the power of grass-roots, it is able to get constant feedback and criticism from all walks of life so that MSE knows the type and quality of products that every Filipino desire.

Dedicated & Professional Team Here in MSE Philippines, it believes in hiring aspiring and talented people that is dedicated in taking care of the customers. Believing their needs should be taken care, the MSE team can be depended when it comes to providing friendly and satisfactory customer service that speedily solves any error and problem during buying and shipping the customers' products. Keeping an eye of the latest and upcoming fashion trends, MSE is also passionate in delivering designs that will not make you look like that you just born in the yesteryear.

Endorsed By The Celebrities Since September 2011, MSE had a press conference that showed its new endorsers who were actors and actresses from ABS-CBN and GMA; they were Billy Crawford, Iya Villana, John Pratts, Kris Lawrence,Kylie Padilla, Rico Blanco and Carla Abellana. The presence of these superstar that wore MSE apparels showed that its products were endorsed and approved by them. Most importantly, they looked great when wearing them. Combined with strong line of marketing and distribution network, fans of celebrities who endorsed MSE can follow and wear special MSE clothing line.

Marvellous Collection Of MSE Philippines

The MSE always launches new products and styles (at least every after two months) to suit the likes of their customers. These latest products are featured in their catalogues and are made available and accessible in MSE stores or dealers. Offering a wide range of products such as apparels, bags, wallets and others, MSE products are for men, women and kids. For men and women, MSE offers an incredible range of good quality and fashionable products that suits different lifestyles and tastes. As for children, MSE also caters the needs of kids by bring in its fashionable and colorful products that are sure to fit the fun and lively attitude of the young people. The fun thing is that MSE develops and markets its very own Character Shop. This Character Shop sells apparels, shoes, bags, accessories and others that are inspired by by children-loved characters like Bratz, Marvel Comics, Looney Tunes and others. MSE believes that products will put a smile to every child. Boasting products range from apparel and shoes to bags and accessories, MSE makes sure that its customers are able to find the type, quality and design of products that they want.

Indulge In The Richness Of Fashion With MSE Philippines

Featuring the latest fashion trends, you can scour MSE clothing to find the outfit that will suit you well. Not only that, MSE also boasts wonderful collection of MSE bags that you can choose to pair well with your outfits. Indulge in wealth of fashion with MSE Philippines and happy shopping!