Not sure what gaming peripherals to go with your MSI gaming PC or laptop? To help you figure out, keep in mind these guidelines here. Or, you can check out the latest MSI products below.


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MSI GeForce GTX 1050 Ti 4GT OC

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Your Guide to Buying the Right Peripherals for Your MSI Gaming PC

Peripherals in the Philippines like mice, computing keyboards, headsets, etc. are essential to improving your gaming experience. That’s why you need to take the time to choose the right peripherals to make sure you get the most out of your MSI gaming system.


When choosing a keyboard for your MSI laptop, do not just consider the price but also the quality. Since the keyboard is basically your weapon in gaming along with the mouse, make sure the one you choose can withstand punishment from your bare hands. With that, you need a keyboard that is not only lightweight but also very durable. Also, avoid going for a keyboard that uses rubber domes below the keys, which provide a poor key response. Not to mention, it doesn’t offer a nice feel and slows you down, whether you are playing games or typing.

If you’re looking the best type of gaming keyboard, then the ideal choice will be a mechanical keyboard. MSI has a mechanical gaming keyboard l;\ike their GK -701 model that offers impressive feedback and sensitive key responsiveness. It comes with cool red LED backlights that can handle 50 million key presses, making it excellent for gaming whether day or night. What’s more, it has a set of multimedia hotkeys for volume adjustment and playback control. You will never feel any discomfort using it since its overall design is ergonomic and has a rugged key press structure.


Another arsenal of PC gamers is the mouse. Like the gaming keyboard, a decent gaming mouse brings an edge in games. Not only that, it will make computer use easier and more comfortable even if you’re just web browsing or working on office documents. To get the best gaming mouse for your MSI gaming laptop or PC, take note of the design, ergonomics, and the performance.

Design-wise, it’s best to go for one that matches your entire gaming system including your gaming monitor and keyboard. If your keyboard has a sleek look and embellishments like LED lights, pair it with a mouse that has similar features.

A great gaming mouse should come with ergonomic features which are optimized for left or right-handed users. A set of extra buttons, for instance, is pretty useful while playing shooting games, helping you bring your best weapon so you can wield it more quickly.

If you are still using a roller ball mouse, you better need to get rid of it. You either get a laser or optical mouse that offers superior performance. Optical mice harness LED light to detect what’s underneath them, while laser mice can work on transparent surfaces by emitting an infrared laser diode. This makes the laser mice more powerful and accurate compared with other types of mice.

Mouse Pads

Mouse pads are more than just add-ons; they are an essential part of the gaming experience like other peripherals. When choosing a gaming mouse mat, make sure it is well-tuned with the high DPI (dots-per-inch) capabilities of your gaming mouse. You also need one that is durable, stands up to fade and peeling, and has an anti-skid base to make sure it stays in place without slipping. Also, keep in mind that mouse mats come in different textures; it depends on you if you prefer a smoother surface or a more cushioned or hard feel. There are also hybrid variants and other sizes available based on your needs, the type of game you’re playing, portability or the size of your gaming table.

MSI Philippines offers gaming mats that boost the performance of mice such as their Gaming MousePad XL. This product is made from high-quality cloth with a micro-textured surface, providing a smooth, precise, and rapid response while gaming. It also has an agile texture, meaning it is crafted to fast movement on either optical or laser mice. Its non-slip rubber base keeps its firm while gaming and ensures it will last a long time. And finally, it has a massive size, sporting a dimension of 900mm x 300mm; and an ergonomic design that offers a comfortable gaming surface. If you want to take gaming to the next level, then this is the gaming mouse mat for you.


If you are a serious gamer, you probably need a decent headset that has a great sound technology integrated into it. You may also consider going for speakers but keep in mind that as a gamer you need a headset to be able to listen closely so you can detect your opponents. Another feature you need to check out is if the headphones come with a microphone to enable you to chat while playing multiplayer online games. This is also needed if you want to sound great during Skype calls. Apart from the sound quality and the microphone, you should consider comfort as you’ll be wearing your headphones for more than a few hours. In addition, headphones with a good noise canceling technology can reduce outside noise or sounds you’re hearing from your competitors in a LAN party.