Thinking about getting fit? Want the awesome gym lifestyle? We’ve got you covered! With awesome deals on Muscle Power fitness equipment in The Philippines, you can get shredded, toned and cut till you are chiselled to perfection. Browse the selection below or find out more about Muscle Power Philippines here.


Muscle Power equipment in The Philippines

It’s time to get in shape! We here in the Philippines are used to seeing people being petite and small sized. To stand out in a crowd, as well as build our physique, we need the proper gym equipment. This is where Muscle Power Philippines comes in. Forget expensive gyms and crazy, strenuous routines. Muscle Power Philippines offers the simplest, most affordable solutions to staying fit and hitting your fitness goals. From treadmils to trampolines, you can get a huge range of gym gear for you and your family and friends. Check out Muscle Power Philippines’ range of equipment by browsing the selection above or find out more with the links below.

A brand Filipinos trust – Muscle Power

Fitness is no joke. Hence, we need to find safe and reliable fitness equipment along with the right routines keep our bodies in shape. For some time now, Muscle Power has garnered the trust and favour all of us who love fitness. We love to use machines and other equipment that we can fully rely on. We don’t have to worry about breakdowns or safety issues with Muscle Power. Even with a generic name, Muscle Power brings extraordinary forms of durable gear that fit in to your lifestyle. If you are looking for a trusted brand that gives you an all-rounded fit physique, you need Muscle Power Philippines. Read further to know more about Muscle Power’s best equipment.

Muscle Power equipment made for you

Exclusive to The Philippines, Muscle Power is top brand in fitness equipment here. That being said, Muscle Power has a huge variety of equipment catered for you. In fact, Muscle Power makes gear for every walk of life. Whether you are a trained athlete/bodybuilder, or this is your first time exercising, there is a life-changing machine waiting for you. We can divide Muscle Power’s equipment into two categories: Gym and Team sports.

Muscle Power gym category produces (well, you guessed it!) – gym equipment. Gym equipment from Muscle Power come in machines and dumbells. No need to go to the gym, bring the gym to you! Work from the comfort of your home with Muscle Power gym equipment. Some of Muscle Power Philippines’ gym equipment include machines such as:

  • Muscle Power Treadmills
  • Muscle Power Strength
  • Muscle Power Bikes

As for Muscle Power team sports, well, you can guess what type of equipment are there. Muscle Power team sports equipment include sports such as badminton. You can even get the Muscle Power gym ball with straps for working out with your gym partner.

A huge selection of online fitness equipment

Alright! Enough talk about Muscle Power’s types of equipment. Let’s look at some specific products that Muscle Power has in store for you today. The best part is, you don’t need to go anywhere to get these products. They’re all online for you to choose from. Here are some of Muscle Power’s best equipment online today:

  • Muscle Power 3001B Homegym Station
  • Muscle Power 8.21 2-in-1 Stationary Air Bike
  • Muscle Power Elliptical Air Bike with Twister
  • Muscle Power 82-932g Stand Alone Punching Bag
  • Muscle Power Kettlebell Competition 22kg
  • Muscle Power Ankle and Wrist Weights 1lb
  • Muscle Power 38\" Trampoline (Black)
  • Muscle Power 8914 Spinner Bike
  • Muscle Power Mini Pedal Bike (Grey/Black)
  • Muscle Power 307F Lateral Utility Bench

Combining a few of these will give your body varying form of exercises to boost metabolism and switch things up. You can start with the machines that give you a cardio workout such as and couple them with strength and resistance equipment like Muscle Power dumbells and kettlebells.

Get Muscle Power online in Philippines with iprice

Muscle Power products can be purchased on iprice with up to 76% discounts. Best-selling products from Muscle Power include 1337 Motorized Treadmill, 6.3Ah Magnetic Manual Elliptical Bike(…) and 142 Motorized Treadmill. Ranging between ₱ 199.00 - ₱ 69,995.00, Muscle Power products are made from the best materials and are worth every cent spent. Products like different types of Gym and Team Sports are sold by Muscle Power. White, Red and Blue are the most popular options amongst many Muscle Power buyers.