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MyPhone Price List Philippines July 2018

Proudly Pinoy brand that develops and designs exceptional smartphones that everyone loves, MyPhone is definitely the promising brand that you should go to. Read more about MyPhone Philippines below to find out.


Top MyPhone Price List 2018

Top 10 products Price Store
MyPhone my33 ₱ 7,998.00 Lazada
MyPhone Infinity 2 ₱ 7,399.00 argomall
MyPhone My32L ₱ 6,999.00 Lazada
MyPhone my85 ₱ 5,399.00 Lazada
MyPhone my112 ₱ 1,399.00 Lazada
MyPhone My32L 16GB Black ₱ 6,999.00 Lazada
MyPhone my33 Black ₱ 7,998.00 Lazada
MyPhone Infinity 2 16GB Black ₱ 8,399.00 argomall
MyPhone my28s ₱ 1,599.00 argomall
MyPhone my28s Black ₱ 1,599.00 argomall
Most Popular
MyPhone my33

Available in Lazada ₱ 7,998.00 Go to Shop

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MyPhone Series

MyPhone Philippines – Solidifying The Future

Mesmerizing Tale Of MyPhone Philippines

As MyPhone was established as early as 2007, this shows that MyPhone was relatively a newcomer in the overcrowded world of smartphones. Despite boasting shorter history, it turned out that MyPhone has been gaining a solid foothold in both domestic and overseas market. Yet, MyPhone was actually tied to a longer history that predated itself. In fact, the owner of the powerful MyPhone brand was Solid Group Inc. Once upon a time, it was once known as United Paracale Mining Co and it has been incorporated on 9th October 1933.

There was an interesting tale behind the inception of MyPhone and it began with the ambitious David Lim who founded it. However, its true beginning was started by his own father. In 2005, his father was the owner of this mobile phone manufacturer that produced mobile phones that were known as Amoy Solid. Since David's younger brother, Jason, was just good in working with electronic products in the family, he gave the task of marketing the mobile phones to him. However, David quickly recognized the fact that Amoy Solid will not be able to sell well since it just sounded boring as well as being less appealing. Once David took a look at the dual sim feature of the phones, he told his father that he would market the phones but with a different name. As such, MyPhone became its new name.

After registering the brand with the Intellectual Property Office on 25th June 2007, Solid Group Inc subsequently introduced MyPhone to masses in September 2007. When MyPhone released its products, it was the first mobile phone brand in Philippines that boasted a dual active SIM feature in its phones. From having just 13 customers at its inception to selling more than 200,000 phones a month, MyPhone has made its statement clear that it is able to compete in both local and global levels. As of now, MyPhone grows into the third largest brand in Philippines when looking at the numbers of unit shipments alone.

All About Rewarding Experience

Inspiring Beyond The Boundaries

While there are tons of success stories around the world, the story behind MyPhone has been proven to be very inspiring as it shows that even a young upstart brand such as MyPhone can move and shake the world. Amusingly, the story of its successes has been compared to a familiar Biblical story that involves David and Goliath since the founding father of MyPhone is also a David as well. Even if you do not believe in this ancient tale, the successes of MyPhone as a brand is quite apparent when you look at its arsenal of exceptional products. As a local brand, it inspires and encourages a legion of talented locals that nothing is impossible. In fact, MyPhone employs these inspired minds into developing and designing ingenious designs.

Imagination Without Limit

As a young upstart brand in a overly saturated market, MyPhone is able to prove the critics wrong when it embarks on a journey of delivering affordable yet powerful smartphones to the market. In order to achieve such feat, MyPhone has been thinking hard and fast in reimagining smartphones to be simple and sophisticated at the same time. Since it proves to be a herculean task, MyPhone is ready to stretch its imagination to the fullest in rethinking how a smartphone should be. Pushing its boundaries of creativity further, MyPhone is making more efforts to tackle any challenges in it. According to MyPhone, just as imagination is where the sky is the limit, so too MyPhone goes further in redefining the smartphone.

Intuitive Interface That Emphasizes User Experience

No matter how advanced a product is, it is still relatively useless when it is difficult to use. In other words, you will not be able to unlock its full potential since you are not able to use it properly. As for MyPhone, it is aware of such problem since it is pretty common in most smartphone designs. Before even releasing its products to market, MyPhone makes extra efforts in testing the performance, software and usability extensively. As a result, MyPhone products are simple to use as it emphasizes intuitive-based approach which encourages more fluid and smoother interaction.

Marvelous MyPhone Philippines Products That Everyone Loves

MyPhone Smartphones
Despite growing from strength to strength, MyPhone still believes in its own goal of making simple smartphones that are both powerful and affordable at the same time. Needless to say, MyPhone is still active and alive in making sure that it still carries the title of being the people's phones. Hence, MyPhone is counted as one of biggest smartphone around because it knows how to design a smartphone that makes the difference.
MyPhone My86 DTV
Designed exclusively to emphasize the urban style, this MyPhone smartphone is crafted clearly to accommodate those with an active lifestyle. As its name contains DTV in it, it just means that this MyPhone smartphone possesses digital ready capability. Encased in an elegant and tough body, the MyPhone My86 DTV is definitely designed to prioritize ergonomics as it is simply comfortable when handling it. Possessing its 5 inch HD IPS display screen, the MyPhone My86 DTV offers unparalleled viewing experience that immediately draws your attention on its screen. Moreover, its IPS technology gives you wider viewing experience as you can enjoy the same display quality from another angle.
Talking about its efficient, smooth and fluid operation, this has been made possible with its highly capable quad core processor. At the same time, it even promotes lower power consumption despite maintaining peak performance for a longer period of time. In addition, its 1GB RAM makes sure that this MyPhone smartphone runs at full speed without breaking down. Just as a smartphone is not complete without its cameras, the MyPhone My86 DTV is outfitted with 13MP rear camera and 5MP front camera that enable you to take gorgeous pictures effortlessly. Armed with awesome specifications, there is no doubt that MyPhone My86 DTV is going to be your versatile companion which enhances your life tremendously.
MyPhone Feature Phones
Sometimes, even a simple basic phone still proves to be amazing at what it does. As it turns out, MyPhone does not just manufacture a basic phone as it manages to incorporate latest innovation in it so that it can be more appealing in today's market.
MyPhone MyS3 TV
Robust and reliable, this MyPhone feature phone looks like a simple phone that you can use to call and send messages as well as snapping pictures. However, the MyPhone MyS3 TV is truly a game changer despite being just a basic phone. In fact, this feature is so awesome that it is able to change the history of basic phones. The MyPhone MyS3 TV has been blessed with the incredible fake money reader (FMR). Basically, this simple feature is able to detect whether the money is real or fake. It instantly transform this MyPhone MyS3 TV to be more versatile than ever.

Embrace The Simple Life With MyPhone Philippines

MyPhone is proud of designing exceptional products that are both affordable and easy to use. Not just that, its products can be seen as true bang for buck products that challenge the market. More often than not, MyPhone products proves to be good buy since all of them offer performances that belie their prices. For the latest MyPhone products, you can take a look at MyPhones phone & tablets since there is a great selection of MyPhones smartphones and feature phones there.