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Who made MyPhone?


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MyPhone Frequently Asked Questions

Who made MyPhone?

MySolid Technologies & Devices Corp.

MyPhone (stylized as my|phone) is a Philippine mobile phone brand and multimedia company by MySolid Technologies & Devices Corp. of Solid Group Incorporated.

Everything You Need to Know About MyPhone

Established in 2007, MyPhone used to be a newcomer in the overcrowded world of smartphones. It has been gaining a solid foothold in the domestic and overseas markets. Yet, MyPhone was actually tied to a long history that predated itself. In fact, the owner of the powerful MyPhone brand was Solid Group Inc. Once upon a time, it was once known as United Paracale Mining Co and it has been incorporated on 9th October 1933.

Inspiring Beyond The Boundaries

While there are tons of success stories around the world, the story behind MyPhone has been proven to be very inspiring as it shows that even a young upstart brand such as MyPhone mobile phones can move and shake the world. Amusingly, the story of its successes has been compared to a familiar Biblical story that involves David and Goliath since the founding father of Even if you do not believe in this ancient tale, the successes of MyPhone as a brand is quite apparent when you look at its arsenal of exceptional products. As a local brand, it inspires and encourages a legion of talented locals that nothing is impossible. In fact, MyPhone employs these inspired minds into developing and designing ingenious designs.

Intuitive Interface That Emphasizes User Experience

No matter how advanced a product is, it is still relatively useless when it is difficult to use. In other words, you will not be able to unlock its full potential since you are not able to use it properly. As for MyPhone, it is aware of such a problem since it is pretty common in most smartphone designs. Before even releasing its products to market, MyPhone makes extra efforts in testing the performance, software, and usability extensively. As a result, MyPhone products are simple to use as it emphasizes intuitive-based approach which encourages more fluid and smoother interaction.