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National Geographic - This name is automatically associated with travelling the planet, learning about the wonders of it, experiencing new cultures, as well as taking an in depth look of mother nature; animals and plants. Basically all things that have to do with preserving the planet and all the natural beauty in it. No longer just an award winning brand of magazines and television channel, this name has since branched out and expanded to so much more. The idea behind National Geographic is to strive and change the world, especially how people view it.

National Geographic has expanded its horizon and created a line of merchandise as well as clothing that in tune with the essence of what this brand entails.Having its team that has travelled the world and so many different and unique cultures, many of the items on sale are based on the amazing variation of culture, art and fashion this wonderful planet has to offer. Take a trip with National Geographic without leaving the comfort of your own home and explore all the beauty of the world.

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National Geographic has a name to uphold hence why they pay key attention to details and excellent quality. To further entice you, the purchases from their store helps fund their research and mission programs.

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The idea behind this enterprise is to enable everyone from any walk of life to feel the experiences of travelling the world and exploring it to their hearts contents. With all that travelling, National Geographic has infused the ideas and amazing finds into their designs and products. Enjoy all the sights and sounds of travelling without having to leave the comfort of your own home. National Geographic goes through major heights to promote and create all the beauty the world has to offer.

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National Geographic keeps up with the current trends and times which is what makes it so successful. Using all social media platforms including Twitter and even Instagram, National Geographic keeps their followers updated with their latest discovery and also pictures of their amazing finds. Besides that, short snippets and videos are also uploaded onto their YouTube channel.