NHK helmets are some of the best motorcycle gear in the Philippines, sought after for their durability and quality materials. Check out the latest NHK motorcycle gear and accessories, or find answers to the frequently asked questions about NHK helmets below.

What are the parts of a helmet?


NHK Helmet FAQs

How much is an NHK helmet in the Philippines?

The lowest prices for NHK helmets can be found at leading online retailers like Shopee.

NHK Helmets in the Philippines

NHK Helmet

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NHK Race Pro Solid Matte Black Helmet


NHK Terminator Phoenix Full-Face Helmet Black/Orange


What are the parts of a helmet?

Motorcycle helmets like those from NHK Philippines are composed of different parts such as shell, cheek pads, visor, etc.

Are full-face helmets safer?

There is numerous style of helmets, but the three main designs are the full-face, ¾, and the ½ helmet. In regards to safety, the full-face helmet is the safest choice of the three. The full-face helmet offers the most coverage surrounding your head and neck. A full-face helmet protects you from the environment you’re riding in, whether it be inclement weather or debris and bugs hitting your visor. One of the distinguishing features of a full-face helmet is a chin bar, which ¾ and ½ helmets lack.