Nike Philippines is one of the top sports brands today. The brand is popular not only for its athletic footwear but also for its quality polo shirt that fits properly and breathes. Click to know why these polo shirts are top of the line apparel.


Nike Polo Shirts in the Philippines: The Filipino’s Polo of Choice

Nike Philippines is popular for its well-crafted products, and this craftsmanship is reflected in its products consistent appearance on lists of popular sports product reviews. If you opt to outfit yourself with great workwear/sports clothing that fits right and breathes, then you should give Nike polo shirts a try.

Why Buy Nike Polo Shirts in the Philippines?

Polo shirts are versatile clothing as they can be worn with trousers or jeans. They come in various styles, sizes, and colors. If you prefer something classy, durable, and trendy, Nike polo shirts in the Philippines are a great option. Here are other reasons why they are one of a kind:


Nike Philippines offers cotton polo shirts which are wrinkle-resistant and less likely to shrink. They also offer ones that are made with 100% polyester, which is a sturdy and sweat-fighting fabric, perfect in sweaty situations. Not only that, they are also made with Dri-fit fabric to keep the wearer cool and feel comfortable.


Aside from providing athletic fit, Nike polo shirts are also trendy. Some of their polo shirts have a logo on the sleeve, making them look elegant and great for wearing in an office environment. Not only that, they don't fade easily like other polo shirts.


Besides their sweat-fighting properties, Nike polo shirts are also made with performance fabric that is designed to make the wearer feel comfortable and have a pleasant experience. Some are made with stain-resistant or snag-resistant fabric to help keep them looking new for long periods.

How to Buy the Best Nike Polo Shirt

Choose the Right Color

The right color for your polo shirt ultimately depends on what the rest of your attire looks and your appearance look like. If you are Caucasian or dark skinned and have black hair, high contrast garments work better. Whereas, if you are fair skinned and have blonde hair, subdued colors and less contrast will be more appealing.

Consider Polo Shirts with Taped Shoulder Seams

Nike Philippines offers a great selection of polo shirts with taped shoulder seams which are white pieces of fabric stitched into the shoulder and found inside of the shirt. These seams keep the shirt's longevity and shape with wear.

Choose the Right Size

It pays to consult a sizing table to make the process of choosing the right polo shirt size easier. Another way to know if the polo shirt is fitted properly is to stick your finger between your sleeve and your bicep. If you can’t stick a finger, get a larger size. If you feel it’s loose, get a smaller size. Moreover, make sure that the polo shirt is sized to your height. The tail of the shirt should not go midway past your backside. Not only does it not look good if left untucked, it will also crumple and show when tucked in.