Nike flip flops are some of the best footwear in the Philippines at reasonable prices. Nike sandals and slippers are sought-after for their durability, simplicity, and comfort. Browse the latest Nike flip flops or find out more about Nike slippers below.

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Nike Slippers: 3 Things to Consider When Buying Slippers and Sandals in the Philippines

Like shoes, if the slipper is not comfortable, it’s probably not worth it. You don’t want to have blisters and a cramped metatarsal after wearing flip flops. One problem with flip flops is the discomfort caused by the “thong” which refers to the Y-shaped strap that goes over your foot and then between your big and second toe. If you wear flip flops over long distances, the thong tends to ride up between your toes which results in blisters and discomfort. Better flip flops like those from Nike Philippines can prevent such problems. So, when buying flip flops, be sure to select one carefully and consider comfort before deciding.


While flip flops are not built like shoes, it’s still important to consider durability. Some flip flops usually face issues about robustness. Typically, you’ll find cheaper slippers whose straps break easily, since they are made from cheap materials. Slippers with a thong can be repaired on the spot. If not, you will have to look for a local shoe store to find a replacement slipper.


Like any footwear, the material determines the quality of a slipper. Affordable slippers which are usually made of cheap materials may save you some money in the short term, but they may cause discomfort, making them not a good deal. They may also break easily compared to slippers from reputed brands like Nike Philippines.

The strap is one part of a slipper that you should be wary of in terms of material. Nike slippers tend to have thicker and more comfortable straps, making them ideal for long-distance walking or those with foot issues. You may also want a slipper whose strap is made of suede or leather upper. On the other hand, slippers with thinner straps are typically made with rubber. While they are not the most comfortable, they are quite durable.