Looking for a pair of kicks that would blend perfectly with your casual outfit, but one that could also keep up during your work out sessions? Nike Roshe Run is the shoe that fits a casual yet active lifestyle! Learn more about it here!


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Roshe Run: Setting the Standards and Style for Modern Day Running Shoes

When it comes to sport apparels, Nike is a brand that needs no further introduction. It's one of the most sought-after brands worldwide. It's greatly looked-up to because of its top notch quality and wide array of shoe selection. Among its most famous types of shoes is the Nike Roshe Run Series.

Running Shoes Reinvented

Nike basically took the world by storm with their running shoes because of its unconventional approach to the designs of their kicks. Nike running shoes are not just made to stand strenuous exercise routines or activities, improve sporting (running) prowess, but also to match most casual outfit. Who says running shoes have to look bulky and dull? Nike running shoes revamped how running shoes should look and feel.

Function Meets Style

Nike Roshe Run is very dynamic; it’s designed to provide a function not normally present in a regular pair of running shoes. Their shoes today are mostly technologically advanced, providing features that could optimize sports and athletic performance.


Among the most common tech in Nike Roshe Run are the studs. Studs provide ground traction, gearing up the shoes resistance to slippery floors. Such feature is high favorable in almost all contact sports. Nike is one of the few brands that boasts this specialized design on running shoes.


The Roshe Run is assembled with a full mesh on its upper front part and completed with phylon on its midsole to provide lightweight cushioning and breathability to the feet. The collar of the shoes are cushioned in order to protect the ankle; its outsole is patterned like a waffle in order to provide great traction to the forefoot.

Easily Available

There's just so much option to choose from that deciding which pair to buy won't just be limited to the color or design. Their Roshe Runs are tailored with different textiles. From those that are made from lightweight materials, which are good for warmer climates, to the heavy duty ones. There's just so much to choose from, that there's always a pair that will fit every casual occasion, most especially those sports related ones. Gone are the days when running shoes were solely for fitness and sports use. Roshe run puts some personality into the modern day running shoes.

The good thing about this Nike is that you don't need to look far and wide to get your own pair. Nike shoes are highly available to consumers. The supply of Nike shoes online is quite a lot, so it's never difficult to find that pair that you want.

Budget Friendly in Philippines

It cannot be denied that Nike shoes don't really come cheap, however they're not that expensive either. Aside from that, their wide range of shoes comes in different price range, according to its design, functionality and popularity. Since there's never really a scarcity of nike shoes online, you are bound to find one that offers discounts or coupons in Philippines. So, it's really safe to say that Nike is one those brands that could offer the best type of shoes, but don't really exhaust the best out of your pockets.