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Whether you're a pro or an amateur, Nike Futsal shoes is the best of its kinds that will improve your performance and easily help you literally stand your ground as you run your way to catch that ball. Click here to find out why Nike Futsal Shoes is the best there is.

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Nike Futsal Shoes Philippines

Nike Futsal shoes has a wide range to choose from that could endure and function best on every terrain or surface and style of play. Their futsal shoes are designed to sport innovative features for that easy of ball control, outstanding touch and perfect fit and traction. Take the center court with Nike Futsal shoes, embedded with the finest technology to help you get around the court with ease and style with its designs that offers the sharpest look there is.

Why Nike Futsal Shoes

  • Nike is a brand of quality when it comes to sports wear, apparel and equipments.
  • Nike's products are optimized greatly to improve the users performance in sports, and made to withstand outdoor conditions, even the extreme ones.
  • The wide array of futsal shoes offer a wide range of designs to choose from.

Nike Futsal Shoes Types

Nike Futsal Shoes are fully equipped with features that will optimize your performance while your on the field kicking it for that goal. They have a wide array of Futsal shoes that offers performance and function that cater appropriately to your football needs. Below are the type of Futsal shoes from Nike:

Molded Cleats

This is the standard Futsal shoes that is cleat type. It is made of high quality rubber which is molded with precision. Its cleats are molded precisely topped with non removable studs. This si the type of Futsal Shoes that is perfect for players who have little to no experience in soccer. It's also great for most of the field types and could endure extreme environment and weather conditions.

Removable Cleats

This type of Futsal shoes from Nike features an easily interchangeable studs, so that when they get worn out, they can be replaced instantly. Their Removable cleats comes in different lengths which are appropriate for a certain weather condition. It's made from hard plastic with metal tips, and can be greatly used on soggy or wet fields and long grass fields. This is the type of Futsal shoes recommended for pros.

Materials Used In Nike Futsal Shoes

It is a common knowledge that Nike is not cheap when it comes to the materials that they use when making their shoes. Primarily most of their Futsal shoes are made from fine leather. Leather is actually the best material for soccer cleats. They may be pricier than synthetics, but the provide better foot tactility, for users to have a better feel for the ball. This is perfect for pros, who are seriously engaged into soccer. Also, it will also absorb more water than those that are made from Synthetic leather.

Good Traction

Nike Futsal shoes are engineered with precision in order to provide good traction. If the fine leather is the best material that could provide a better feel of the ball for the feet, the traction capability of the shoes is mainly dependent on how it is built. Nike Futsal shoes are made with soles that could provide the best grip on all surfaces. It's how they make their Futsal Shoes that its capability to produce traction is one of the best there is.