Nine West is more well-known for their flirt-with-me heels, but it also offers a versatile range of clothing. From their block dresses to their funky print tops, the city girl’s wardrobe is incomplete without something Nine West. Click here to learn more about Nine West’s fashion range.


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Nine West Philippines Brings the New York Edge

Nine West had its less-than-humble origins in New York, circa 1983, when Jerome Fisher decided that women should be able to afford shoes that looked designer without having to pay the hefty designer price tag. Having begun in what is arguably the foremost fashion capital of the world, Nine West’s style is a mix of fashion trends and urban modernity with a feminine twist. At the beginning, the brand only manufactured female fashion footwear but has since expanded the franchise to include handbags, accessories, outerwear, and female and kids’s apparel.

Nine West Clothing for the Filipino Woman About Town

Just from the name of the brand alone, you might conjure up the image of Nine West shoes, or even Nine West bags because all of your clubbing girlfriends have one. But it is high time Nine West’s female apparel got their share of the limelight as well because the sensibility of its design is every bit as modern and edgy as their shoes. Nine West clothes favor bold prints and patterns, especially on their dresses. The available options for Nine West dresses run the gamut of A-line, shift, fit and flare and sweater. And when the item lacks a print or a pattern, it is often because it is balancing an interesting texture, like ruffles or pleats, with a bold color block, such as the Long Sleeve Dry Crepe Dress, which is only available in hot pink or fire-engine red.

Nine West shoes were made for the city-bopping gal, the one who is up and about town, chasing every excitement and looking devastatingly hot as she does so. It only makes sense then that their clothing line should match their personality that went into those shoes.

Nine West Meets Nine West

So if you already own a pair of Nine West boots, you should definitely try pairing them with some of their kick-ass dresses, like

  • the Turtleneck Puff Sleeve Knit Dress with the Black Nubuck Danbia Round Toe Booties for a dark a mysterious look or,
  • the Floral Print Blouse with Smocking Details paired with the Shay D’Orsay Flats for a fashionable but sensible work outfit or,
  • the Short Sleeve Jacquard Shift Dress with the Gallandar Velvet Booties and a pair of oversized Nine West Sunglasses for the popular European mod look or,
  • the Brushed Leopard Print Dress with a pair of Mortez Slip-on Sneakers for a loud ensemble that will command attention in any room.

The possibilities are endless for the woman who dares to rock their Nine West heels with similarly bold clothing. A Nine West woman is not a tame one by any means. So check out the selection online or head to your nearest Nine West outlet to spice up your wardrobe and get ready to rock the city, New York Nine West style.