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NIZ Turtleneck Fringed Sweater at 1494.00 PHP from YesStyle
NIZ Turtleneck Fringed Sweater
₱ 1,494.00 ₱ 2,135.00
Brand from China: Niz. Color: Red, Materials: Acrylic Blend, Size: M: Length: 74cm, L: Length: 75cm, Care: N/A
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NIZ V-Neck Cardigan at 396.00 PHP from YesStyle
NIZ V-Neck Cardigan
₱ 396.00 ₱ 791.00
Brand from China: Niz. Color: Red, Materials: Viscose, Size: S: Total Length: 55-57cm, Sleeve Length: 59-61cm, Bust: 82-84cm, Shoulder Width: 36-37cm, M: Total Length: 57-59cm, Sleeve Length: 60-62cm, Bust: 86-88cm, Shoulder Width: 37-39cm, L: Total Length: 59-60cm, Sleeve Length: 63-64cm, Bust: 92-94cm, Shoulder Width: 38-39cm, XL: Total Length: 60-61cm, Sleeve Length: 64-65cm, Bust: 98-100cm, Shoulder Width: 39-41cm, Xxl: Total Length: 61-62cm, Sleeve Length: 65-66cm, Bust: 102-104cm, Shoulder Width: 41-43cm, Care: Hand Wash, Machine Wash
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NIZ Long-Sleeve Lace-Panel Dress at 1708.00 PHP from YesStyle
NIZ Long-Sleeve Lace-Panel Dress
₱ 1,708.00 ₱ 2,135.00
Brand from China: Niz. Color: Purple, Materials: Acrylic Blend, Size: S: Total Length: 89cm, Waist: 66cm, Shoulder Width: 34cm, M: Total Length: 90cm, Waist: 70cm, Shoulder Width: 35cm, L: Total Length: 91cm, Waist: 74cm, Shoulder Width: 36cm, Care: Hand Wash, Machine Wash
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NIZ Heart-Embroidered Cardigan at 991.00 PHP from YesStyle
NIZ Heart-Embroidered Cardigan
₱ 991.00 ₱ 1,239.00
Brand from China: Niz. Color: Yellow, Materials: 50.4% Viscose, 49.6% Acrylic, Size: S: Total Length: 53cm, Sleeve Length: 55cm, Bust: 86cm, Shoulder Width: 35cm M: Total Length: 54cm, Sleeve Length: 56cm, Bust: 90cm, Shoulder Width: 36cm L: Total Length: 55cm, Sleeve Length: 57cm, Bust: 94cm, Shoulder Width: 37cm XL: Total Length: 56cm, Sleeve Length: 58cm, Bust: 98cm, Shoulder Width: 38cm, Care: Hand Wash, Machine Wash
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