Nokia Lumia Philippines is one of the biggest smart phone brands in the Philippines, and they offer the widest range of powerful yet budget friendly Windows Phones in the market. The Nokia Lumia series is the device that will cater to your multitasking needs, click here to know why.


Top Nokia Lumia Price List 2021

Top 10 products Price Store
Nokia Lumia 1020 ₱ 18,317.00 Galleon
Nokia Lumia 1520 ₱ 10,255.00 Galleon
Nokia Lumia 920 ₱ 7,498.99 Amazon
Nokia Lumia 900 ₱ 8,599.00 Galleon
Nokia Lumia 1020 32GB Black ₱ 25,683.00 Galleon
Nokia Lumia 640 Dual SIM LTE ₱ 10,101.00 Galleon
Nokia Lumia 800 ₱ 6,784.00 Galleon
Nokia Lumia 900 16GB Black ₱ 8,599.00 Galleon
Nokia Lumia 920 Yellow ₱ 7,498.99 Amazon
Nokia Lumia 920 Black ₱ 11,722.00 Galleon
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Nokia Lumia 1020

Cheapest at Galleon ₱ 18,317.00 Go to Shop

Nokia Lumia: Windows is the New Hipster

Nokia is one of the tech giants that paved the way for smartphones to hit the mainstream market. It is basically the company that kick started the development of standard mobile phones into what we now know as smartphones. While its competitors saturate the market with Android and iOS devices, Nokia on the other hand chose not to do the same thing, but rather introduced Windows Mobile Operating System through Nokia Lumia.

Windows Operating System

It cannot be denied that Android and iOS devices are dominating the smart phone competition today. However, Nokia Lumia’s Window OS is nothing inferior to its competitors, in fact it offers more. Nokia Lumia strives to deliver the security feature of an iOS and the customizability of Android devices, while adding Nokia’s high end technology in the mix.

Straight forward UI

Find everything that you need with just a swipe. Apps and other shortcuts can easily be accessed with Window’s user interface. The icons are in a form of blocks that you can simply pin wherever in your home screen, and what’s good is that it allows unlimited number of apps to be pinned. Aside from that, swiping down all the way from the top of the screen will bring out the notification panel that pretty much offers the essentials. Basically, even your grandparents could navigate through Nokia Lumia’s interface with breeze.

One Drive

Just like Android’s Google Drive and iOS’ iCloud, Windows have their own cloud storage named as One Drive. A free account will give you 2GB worth og storage space, however most Nokia Lumia Devices comes with a premium account providing 50Gb worth of storage space which is good for a lifetime. That amount of cloud storage could already stores thousands of photos and videos.

Easy Synchronization

Being a windows device has its own perks, one of that is the ability to synchronize all of your files to your desktop or laptop. Whether its photo, a video, music or bookmarked pages, wireless synchronization can be done with is, as long as your Nokia Lumia is doing it with another Windows computer.

Drag and Drop

Transferring files from your computer to your Nokia Lumia is no sweat at all! Simply drag the file from your computer's folder into the storage folder of your Nokia Lumia and it's instantly transferred or copied there. That easy! The need for any 3rd party applications is no longer necessary.

Highest Pixel Shooter in the Market

Nokia Lumia is the only smartphone series that offers the most powerful camera in the market. Their Lumia 950 XL is the only smartphone in the world to date that’s equipped with 20 Mega pixel shooter in the world.

Nokia Lumia: Colorful and Powerful

It cannot be denied that the way Nokia designed their Lumia devices are meant to be candy pop colorful. Their devices look pretty simple and unassuming; however, it will give users a second look.

Windows 10

Windows just recently rolled out its last version update of its Windows Operating System, the Windows 10. It wasn’t long when they rolled out the same thing to their mobile phones. With Windows 10 on Nokia Lumia, mobile experience will be as seamless as its desktop counterpart as the ability to synchronize the device into a Windows computer gets easier and more seamless.