Newborns should have a place where they can sleep comfortably and safely. Get the bests bedding sheets in the Philippines and click here to read about the suitable fabrics for your baby to sleep soundly on.


Suitable fabrics for baby bedding sheets

The search for the ideal bedding sheet for your little one can be both exciting yet super nerve-racking. There are so many fabrics and designs in the market to choose from and all you want to do is pick the best for your baby. Newborns are prone to allergens and infections due to their delicate skin. Learn about the suitable fabrics for baby bedding sheets to ensure that your baby is getting a good night’s rest.

Organic materials

The best kinds of fabric that you should invest in are bed sheets that are made with organic materials such as cotton or bamboo. There are no harmful chemicals that are used to make this bed sheet and prevents your baby from getting any nasty irritation as it the fabric goes through several processes to eliminate germs and bacteria. Moreover, it keeps the sleeping baby dry and comfortable as the material soaks up any moisture. It also helps to regulate their temperature, allowing them to feel a sense of comfort. Organic fabrics are typically anti-dust mite which is great in preventing any allergies and asthma. An additional benefit of investing in cotton is that it can be washed many times and still will not wear.

However, it is important for parents to do proper research before deciding on a bed sheet material. This is because; there are a few eco-friendly products that utilize harsh chemicals.


Generally, this material is thick and great at retaining warmth, making it suitable if your baby were to sleep in an air-conditioned room. After numerous washes, it will not lose its softness as the polyester weave is really durable and tear resistant. Bedding sheets made of polyester tend to be cheaper compared to cotton blends.


Another common fabric used for baby bedding sheet is satin. Although it feels soft and is comes in pretty designs, it actually is not the best material for your baby. As your baby’s skin is still in the delicate stages, the blend of silk, polyester, and nylon will potentially cause an allergic reaction or irritation compared to the organic bed sheets.

Other features to take note of

Before purchasing any bedding sheets for your baby, make sure to take a look at the details such as material, dye details, colour as well as style. Also, be prepared to wash the fabric every day as the bedding sheet will be prone to a lot of spills and accidents. Therefore, it is necessary for you to invest in a more durable, long-lasting material that does not fade easily. It would be advisable to invest in a couple more sheets because you will never know when they would come in handy.

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