Nvidia manufactures graphics cards that offer top-notch quality, improving your gaming and browsing experience. If you need advice on upgrading your graphics card, here are some points to keep in mind.

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Tips for Buying Quality Graphics Cards with Nvidia

Every gaming enthusiast is excited when a new high-end game comes out. But if your PC and your graphics card don’t meet its system requirements, then it’s time to upgrade it. To help you check your system hardware and choose your next Nvidia graphics card, here are tips to keep in mind.

Take note of your base hardware

Before you buy a new graphics card, it’s important to check your current hardware. If you don’t have any knowledge about computer hardware, download CPU-Z and install that, and you can see important information such what CPU you’re currently using, the motherboard, the amount of system memory, and much more. The tough part of this procedure is determining whether your graphics card needs an upgrade. It should be “too old” before you decide to give it an upgrade. So, if you want to know when your Nvidia processor came out, head over to Wikipedia, where you can see a list of release dates for all Nvidia GPUs.

Aside from the age of your graphics card, other factors to consider are the memory, power supply, PC case size, and the age of the PC.

System Memory

For the system memory, you need at least 8 GB but if you want something that works for any current games, go for 16 GB of system memory. It’s best to have double the amount of system memory compared to the size of the graphics card. For example, a 4 GB graphics card means you need an 8 GB system memory. However, it’s fine if you want to get an 8 GB graphics card with an 8 GB of RAM.

Power Supply

Choose a power supply that will be compatible with your new GPU you’re planning to purchase. A graphics card with 8-pin or 6-pin connectors is an ideal choice. If your PC doesn’t come with any PCI-Express Graphics (PEG) connectors, you’d better get a new PC, if not a new power supply unit (PSU). If you’re having a hard time choosing a PSU, it’s best to get an 80 Plus Bronze which is a decent variant and works well with any GPU.

PC Case Size

Make sure your PC case has enough space and cooling. If you want a GeForce GTX 1080, you should have an equally large case. To determine how much space you have in your case, use a tape measure and check the size of your current graphics card. Normally, graphics cards are around 10 inches long but other variants can be longer than 12 inches. In the cooling department, if your system unit only has one or two small case fans, then go for a graphics card with a blower design. This is preferred by many users compared to the open-air cooler.

Age of the PC

If you’re planning to buy a new graphics card yet your PC is from six or more years ago, it’s best to get a full system upgrade. This is because those old PCs run 10 to 25 percent slower compared to the top-of-the-line systems today. Another thing is if you are using a midrange or budget PC, the bad news is it won’t properly keep up with your new GPU.

Get a new graphics card after a major GPU launches

Many users have difficulty determining when is the perfect time to upgrade their graphics card. The answer to this is after a major GPU launches. For instance, Nvidia launched a series card last month, then now is the perfect time to buy or upgrade. Keep in mind that new graphics cards last a long time and they continue to run any current game. If you decide to buy a processor that is two years older due to budget constraints, then it can still run any latest PC titles, though not at maximum quality. Moreover, if you want to know the worst time to purchase a new graphics card, it is right before a new GPU launches.

If low on budget…

For gamers who are low on budget, it’s best to go for Nvidia GeForce GTX 750 Ti or any variant that offers an equal or better performance. The good thing about the 750 Ti is that it can function without a 6-pin power connector. If you want something quicker than the 750 Ti, there’s the Nvidia GeForce GTX 950 that is 30 percent faster but is pricier. Don’t expect these graphics cards to provide top-notch quality when playing high-end video games since they struggle in terms of performance and are not the best ones for current games.

For gaming enthusiasts

If you want to spend a lot of money on a top-of-the-line graphics card, then go for the Nvidia GTX 1070 or any variant that is equally good or better. The GTX 1070 is as good as its previous model, the GTX 980 Ti; the only difference is that the previous model costs more and consumes more power while only offering an above average performance.