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How to Fix Your Massage Chair with Ogawa Philippines

Massage chairs are wonderful machines that offer a full body massage at home without having to travel to see a therapist on a regular basis. Today, there is a wide selection of massage chairs available that provide many different massage techniques. With the advanced technology incorporated in many massage chairs, a full body massage is now possible with the added convenience of sitting at your home.

Every model of massage chair you see on the market offers various features. They have their own pros and cons. With that, you must figure out your needs in order to choose the right massage chair for you. Since most massage chairs come with a hefty price tag, it’s important that you know some repairing tips that will save you a visit to the manufacturer. With that, you would know how to keep your chair in a functional condition and shape.

If your massage chair doesn’t start

Check the power button and power cable of your massage chair, and see if there’s any damage or improper installation. You have to make sure that the outlets offer enough power for the chair to perform properly. To know whether the power outlet is working properly or now, check by plugging in other appliances like humidifiers. On the other hand, if you have blown a fuse, make sure to turn off the power and have the fuse replaced with a similar one. If the cable is damaged, make sure to get it repaired. After that, check to see if all the components are properly attached then you can move on to the next step for the rectification of the problem.

Heat Controls are not functional

Just turn on your massage chair and select the heat mode setting. After that, see if you are receiving the right level of warmth on all sides of your backrest. If you feel that it’s not working properly, then contact your massage chair dealer and get the product replaced.

Massage techniques not performing properly

  • If your massage chair quits working all of a sudden, turn it off and reset it.
  • Check whether the massage settings work properly according to your body position. If you see that the massage head can’t reach other parts of your body, say your shoulders, then you should adjust the position of your chair accordingly.
  • If you feel that the backrest or the massage seat is not working, then you should get the air pumps replaced as well as the chair’s base. To accomplish this, get assistance from your massage chair dealer.
  • When choosing a massage setting, the air pumps of the chair are expected to create a soft noise as they inflate. If you noticed that the air pumps are making sounds but are not inflating, that means there must be an issue with the chair’s air tubing connection. Try removing the tube to see if there’s a broken connection. If you see any broken parts, then get the tube replaced.
  • Another common issue that you may encounter is that the air pumps create loud sounds. In such cases, check the fitting of the pump that is found in the hose tube. If you see a problem, try removing and re-engaging the pump.
  • Another thing to check is if the motor is creating noise or not. If you can’t hear a sound, that means there’s an issue within the base your massage chair. You may also need to replace the pump.
  • If all other components are performing well, however, the foot and calf massage setting is not working properly, then get your massage chair repaired or replace the parts associated with the setting.
  • Another possible issue with massage chairs is that the actuator couldn’t be raised or lowered for massage. In such cases, you should replace the components associated with the foot and calf massage setting. If you’ve repaired it but the problem still exists, then consider replacing the chair’s base.
  • High-end massage chairs like those from Ogawa Philippines feature buttons to adjust width with foot and calf massage. You can make adjustments in width depending on your preference. If you see that the LED doesn’t lit when you press the button, just keep pressing and adjust to the narrowest width setting. If the problem still exists, you should contact your massage chair dealer for replacement of these components.

Remote not working

If you noticed that the remote is not performing properly, check the cord connection inside the remote. If you see that the connection is secure, however, the remote still doesn’t work, then you may need to get it replaced. Some remotes of massage chairs like those from Ogawa Philippines have LED lights on them. If you see that the light doesn’t work on the remote, contact the dealer for repair or replacement. On the other hand, if the light works properly but not the features of the chair, then there may be an issue with the chair’s internal components.

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