Everybody has that one favorite pair of jeans, or a t-shirt or any type of outfit that they can wear over and over again without getting bored of it. Just the feel of these favorite piece of clothing grazing against your skin can bring a jolt of happiness to your life. Now imagine a whole store dedicated just for you, filled to the brim with all your desired outfit at a price that will surely rock your boat. Dream no more, for Old Navy is here to turn your wardrobe imagination into a reality.


Old Navy, the perfect American brand at iPrice Philippines

Everyone has surely heard about the way Gap, the retail clothing brand that changed the whole American history in terms of fashion but little did you know that Old Navy was a huge part of this change. Gap was a brand that came into existence because its founder couldn’t find a jeans that could fit him perfectly, and thanks to his frustration, Donald G Fisher founded his own clothing store, Gap in 1969. In 1983, after Gap store became a huge retail chain that was generating about 300 USD annually, Millard Drexler was name president. He single-handedly led the company into another decade of exceptional success by acquiring Banana Republic and launched Gap Kids and Baby Gap.

Old Navy only came into existence when Drexler found out that the company which owned Target and Mervyn’s retail stores wanted to create a new brand which was meant to be a cheaper version of The Gap. Known for his quick thinking, Drexler sent out employees to purchase discounted apparels from normal department stores like Wal-Mart and J.C. Penney and discussed with his top executives if The Gap could produce a lower cost version of itself. This new lower prices brand under the name Gap Warehouse was an instant success among teenagers and university student that they decided to give this brand its own identity and platform that targets this younger new market. And this new identity my friend is more commonly known now as the Old Navy.

Never leave anyone out with Old Navy Philippines

Old Navy is a departmental store that has everything for your whole family. No matter if you are packing up for your summer gateway to the crystal clear beach or keeping yourself warm around the fire during winter, you can bet on Old Navy to keep your fashion needs covered. From the very first day, Old Navy has been a revolution, something the world has never seen- affordable fresh out of the runway fashion. Old Navy is the very first brand to prove that fashion is for everyone, not just for those with thick wallets. Now, rather than the traditional, boring family lunches that are practically pointless, bring your whole family out to Old Navy, where shopping is an excitement rather than a chore. Create sweet memories that you will cherish forever while looking stylish as ever.

The incredible fashion duo from Old Navy Philippines

There is just nothing better words to describe ecstatic joy than Emily Current and Meritt Elliott working together with the all American brand, Old Navy. These two incredibly talented women are steering Old Navy into a world that is filled with stars, fashion bloggers and stylist this season. Emily and Meritt, a creative duo have been dressing up celebrities for red carpets, styled editorials and art directed advertising campaigns, so when it comes to the world of fabulous fashion and style, no one can do it better than this two mommies.

Now as the style ambassadors for Old Navy, Emily and Meritt are extremely delighted to work with a brand that is rooted in classic American style and celebrates spring with Old Navy by showing you brand new ways you can style yourself in an accessible way. This exciting collaboration unveils a series of videos and look books that pictures the major trends for spring. They also got help for fashion divas like Jen Coleman and Laura Wiertzema (Ascot &Hart) to illustrate the tips and tricks behind the perfect boyfriend dressing and Jamie Chung (Hollywood Actress) who embodies the music festival hopping bohemian. Now, thanks to this incredible personas, you can get change your style for drab to fab in seconds without leaving a hole in your wallet.

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