Offering the pleasure of experiencing immersive audio performance, Onkyo designs home entertainment and audio products that bring joy to your ears. Read about Onkyo Philippines here.


OnkyoPhilippines - Optimizing & Integrating Your Life With Superior Audio Technology

Proudly pioneering premium home cinema and audio equipment, Onkyo is all about delivering great audio experience to your discerning ears that appreciate lovely music. For more than 60 years since its inception, Onkyo continues to take the world by storm through its exceptionally crafted products that prove to be amazing as they change and challenge the meaning of superior audio technology. In other words, Onkyo is your leading home entertainment innovator that promises that your love affair with impressive audio experience will not end so soon because Onkyo is active in the business of optimizing and integrating your life with superior audio technology.

About OnkyoPhilippines - Innovation Shaped By Inspiration

In April 1946, Takeshi Godai founded Onkyo after he saw that there was just a lack of good Japanese-made speakers in the market at that time. After a month, Onkyo released its first product, a cartridge pickup for record players. Surprisingly, the first Onkyo product was not a speaker but the profit that Onkyo made from this first product enabled it to plan and build a dedicated speaker factory. The year 1948 saw the opening of its factory. Realizing that most speakers used imported pre-made paper cones in their designs, Onkyo took the bold move of making its own paper cones as it saw the value in doing that. Onkyo launched its highly anticipated Onkyo ED-100 speaker in April 1948 which proved to be popular despite being more expensive than its closest rival model. Later, Onkyo would apply patent for its non-pressed speaker cone which was still in production to this day.

In order to keep up with growing demand that called for increased production, Onkyo moved to the new area with expanded office and factory space in Asahi-ku, Osaka in June 1952. Remember the earlier Onkyo ED-100 speaker? Onkyo released it again with its revolutionary non-pressed cone woofer in January 1953. Being far superior than its predecessor, there was little surprise that the crowd readily embraced this speaker with much enthusiasm. Not just speakers, Onkyo proved its expertise in the production of radio with its Onkyo OS-55. In 1953, the crowd enjoyed the live demonstration of Onkyo products at All Japan Audio Fair as Onkyo believed in showing to its customers about its amazing products. Beginning in 1954, Onkyo led and organized live performance concerts at public auditoriums and community halls in order to display its products as well as getting the feedback from the crowd.

Despite enjoying a string of successes, Onkyo only got its own iconic logo in 1955. In the same year, Onkyo also experimented with the production of its own television sets that featured its own amazing audio technology. From 1960 onwards, Onkyo continued to experience exponential growth through its growing family of advanced audio products that attracted the attention and adoration from the audiophile community. Desinging tons of audio products for different environments, Onkyo simply wanted its customers to enjoy access to its audio technology in many different sizes, from the simple headphone to sophisticated stereo system. The year 1977 unveiled its current logo as it totally reflected its simple commitment of making pure audio experience. As of now, Onkyo is still proud to share its love of amazing audio experience with people around the world.

OnkyoPhilippines - Having Big Ideas For Bigger Future

Owing to its more than 60 years of designing and developing audio products that bring life and entertainment in many homes and other places, Onkyo continues to be optimistic when looking at the future of audio industry. Such passion certainly displays Onkyo will never stop at pioneering innovations and introducing them with the whole world. Even at this new age of digital reality, Onkyo still sees much potential and possibility of transforming your audio experience so that you can reap full benefits from the best technology and design that only Onkyo can offer. Even now, Onkyo dedicates itself to the pursuit of testing newer and better ideas of coming out with best audio products that make your experience to be lasting and memorable at the same time.

Popular OnkyoPhilippines Products That People Love

Onkyo Home Theater Systems
Bring life into nothing, Onkyo home theater systems instantly transform your place to be filled with rich yet sharp audio quality in the air. Whether it is the loud booming of explosion or subtle whispers of the wind, Onkyo home theater systems promise to deliver the full spectrum of audio experience to your ears. Whenever people talk about home entertainment, it is clear that Onkyo home theater systems are able to offer solid yet smooth performance without faltering easily as others will. Among popular Onkyo home theater systems are Onkyo HT-S5800, Onkyo HT-S9700THX and Onkyo HT-S7800.
Onkyo Headphones
Whether it is just headband or in-ear headphone design, Onkyo headphones are renowned for being durable while offering solid audio experience. Not just that, all of them support high resolution audio and this means that you can enjoy tantalizing audio experience wherever you go. In the category of popular Onkyo headband designs, you should check out Onkyo A800, Onkyo H900M and Onkyo H500BT. As for Onkyo in-ear designs, Onkyo E900M, Onkyo W800BT and Onkyo E700BT are promising designs that have been well-received.

Experiencing The Richness Of Audio Performance With OnkyoPhilippines

Boasting tons of audio products that cater to your needs, Onkyo brings beautiful yet bold audio experience to your attentive ears. Thanks to Onkyo, listening to music or watching video has been truly enjoyable even if you are not an audiophile as Onkyo makes sure that everyone should enjoy access to the immersive audio experience. If you are looking for the latest Onkyo products, you should take a look at Onkyo audio & hi fi.