Are you craving for some chocolate cookie that tastes just as amazing as it looks? Don’t have to bake some out? Then fret not, for Oreo is here to save your day. Find out more about the brand here.


Oreo Philippines – The greatest cookie to ever get created

If there is one cookie in this world that would totally make Cookie Monster proud, that cookie would surely be Oreo. As for most of us, it is that cookie brand that you have always seen at home for tea, for snacks, or even when you are craving for something sweet before you sleep. It is the brand that you grew up with. Although nothing will ever come close to the hot chocolate chip cookie you mom serves you straight out of the oven, when it comes to commercially made cookies, there’s nothing like a handful of Oreos right out of the sleeve. This number one cookie with nearly 500 billion sold to date is here to make your day with iprice.

Oreo Philippines – The most delicious dipping treat

The magical combination of sweet cream filling between two crunchy dark chocolate cookies has made Oreo America’s number one cookie, with nearly 500 billion sold to date. It’s even become a flavour unto itself, used as a mix-in for ice cream, a topping for donuts and cupcakes and a secret ingredient in countless cake recipes geared to the home cook. You know that Oreos are fun and delicious, but did you know these things about the Oreo cookie?

  1. The first Oreo cookie was made in 1912 at the original Nabisco bakery in New York City (the factory is present day Chelsea Market).
  2. Two flavors originally debuted in 1912, original and lemon meringue.
  3. The origin of the name Oreo is unknown, but the leading theory is that the name was derived from the French word “Or”, meaning gold (the early packaging was gold tin).
  4. The first Oreo cookie was sold in Hoboken, NJ.
  5. The cookie-to-creme ratio of an original Oreo cookie is 71% to 29%.
  6. Over the years it has gone through several name changes:
  • 1912: Oreo Biscuit
  • 1921: Oreo Sandwich
  • 1937: Oreo Crème Sandwich
  • 1974: Oreo Chocolate Sandwich Cookie
  1. In 1950, they created their very first advertising slogan, “Oh!, Oh! Oreo!”
  2. Double Stuf Oreos were introduced in 1974.
  3. Big Stuff Oreos were introduced in 1987, and were about 10 times larger than a regular Oreo. They were discontinued in 1991.
  4. They became kosher in 1998.
  5. 50% of all Oreo eaters pull apart their cookies before eating them. Also, women twist them open more often than men.
  6. In 1998, they introduced Oreo’Os cereal. The cereal was discontinued because Post and Kraft are no longer co-branding. Post owns the recipe to the cereal and Kraft owns the rights to Oreo.
  7. It is the world’s best-selling cookie.

Oreo Malaysia – Eating it the ultimate right way

Ever have an Oreo crumble and fall apart when you dip it in milk? Or notice how there’s always that completely dry spot left where your fingers were holding on? Yes? Well this is happening because you are doing it all wrong, buddy.

There are many wrong ways to eat Oreo cookies with milk and only ONE right way. Guess what- we know the right way.

Items needed – A packet of Oreo cookies, 1 Glass of Milk, Fork

  1. Carefully insert the fork into the cream filling of your Oreo and be sure not to push your fork too far in or the cookie will surely separate in the milk.
  2. Submerge the fork holding the cookie into the milk. Let it sit. Bubbles will begin to rise to the surface of the milk.
  3. Once the bubbling slows down, pull your fork out. The cookie is not completely saturated with milk and in-tact. Your fingers are clean and dry. You taste buds thank you for the yummy treat. Your tummy is now happy.

Oreo Philippines – More than just cookies

Who said that Oreos are just to be eaten like that or just dunked in milk? When you think outside the Oreo box, you will see that there are just numerous ways you can incorporate Oreos into your everyday dessert. Here are some borderline genius ways to eat Oreos.

Oreo Crunch Parfaits – Oreo cookies, strawberries and cream have come together and created a treat with layer upon layer of deliciousness. Want to try? Let’s just say it’s the perfect storm of snack time magic.
Oreo Milk Shake - No matter how you putOreo Cookies and ice cream together, you know it’s going to be good. This cool, creamy, chocolaty treat is case in point.
Oreo Cheesecake Bites - Need dessert for a crowd, tomorrow? Don't panic. Oreo Cookies, cream cheese, chocolate and a few staples are all you need for an awesome cheesecake bar.
Chocolate covered Oreo Cookie Cake - Be warned: According to readers, if you serve this delectable treat as a birthday cake, you'll be starting a tradition. One that's going to be tough to break.
Chocolate – Caramel Crème Pie - An Oreo Cookie crust is a delectable foundation for a heavenly layer of caramel blended with smooth cream cheese that's topped with chocolate pudding. 5 stars says it all!

    Now, with the right way to eat your Oreo and the different ways you can jazz up your Oreo eating styles, wait no more and head on down to iprice to get your Oreo supplies today.