When it comes to designing elegant, classy, show stopping collection, no one can do it better than Oscar de la Renta. A world renowned fashion designer, his ready to wear collection has provided many jaw-dropping moments in the fashion world. de la Renta is not only known for his bold choices when it comes to color, but he is also known for his bridal line, fragrances, and homeware collection that made him one of the most respected designers in the world.


Oscar de la Renta Philippines , a show stopping designer

This greatest name in the fashion industry was born in Santa Domingo, Dominican Republic in 1932. Being raised in that beautiful island, de la Renta was inspired by everything around him, the tropical vegetation and the vibrant colour palette of the Caribbean island. He once said, “My greatest strength is knowing who I am and where I come from-my island”. When he was 18, he moved to Spain to study art at the Academy of San Fernando in Madrid where he obtained an apprenticeship with Cristobel Balenciaga.

He then travelled to Paris in 1960 to become couture assistant to Lanvin. Paris has always been famous for their fashion scene and its extravagant world of haute couture and thanks to this, Oscar de la Renta gained priceless experience that helped him become the name that he is today. While he was working for Elizabeth Arden, he gained many valuable contacts and by 1965, the world changing brand, Oscar de la Renta was born.

The ultimate designer for the White House Ladies

Oscar de la Renta is a name that is no stranger to the world of fashion or the wardrobe of the First Ladies of the United States. His designs have literally swept their feet of the floor, making them a de la Renta devotee.

His first ever introduction to the White House was thanks to Nancy Reagan who included him as her preferred designers to dress her up. No matter what other people spoke about her husband, Nancy Reagan was known as the fashionable First Lady. To Oscar de la Renta, Nancy was seen as a “model-size” political wife who “knew what looked good on her and had a true sense of fashion”.

Years later, Hillary Rodham Clinton was persuaded by de la Renta to put aside her safe wardrobe and embrace the dramatic designs that he creates. The first time she stepped out in a de la Renta was at the 1996 Democratic National Convention. She then surprised everyone during her husband’s second inauguration in an Oscar de la Renta Coral Suit and a gold-lace gown with matching cape where she dazzled like a star. She was also the first ever First Lady to appear in the Vogue 1998 December edition where she posed for Anne Leibovits in the Red Room in a black velvet dress by the one and only de la Renta.

Laura Bush was his next fan who fell in love with his creation when she visited his studio. For her husband’s swearing in, Laura wore a winter white coat and suit and a ice blue tulle gown for the night party, both by Oscar de la Renta that will always be her favorite. De la Renta designs were a staple piece in every Bush women’s wardrobe. He even designed Laura’s first daughter Jenna’s wedding gown and also her special mother-of-the bride turquoise dress.

De la Renta didn’t just stop there. Though penetrating Michelle Obama’s wardrobe took longer than usual, he didn’t give up. After much criticism, he finally succeeded and when she choose an embroidered navy dress from his fall 2014 collection that she wore to a cocktail party for the Fashion Education Workshop that she hosted at the White House. Since then, she has been a loyal following.

Incredible de la Renta Philippines

Oscar de la Renta is one brand that you can never go wrong about. Armed with over 6 decades of experience, his stunning designs have greatly influenced the world of fashion. He is known for his stunning designs that have graced numerous red carpets and significant events. He magical creation makes every women like Taylor Swift, Sarah Jessica Parker, Amy Adams, Penelope Cruz, Freida Pinto, Gisele Bundchen, Emma Watson, Lea Michele, Cameron Diaz, Sandra Bullock, Katy Perry, Lupita Nyong’o, Scarlett Johansson and more feel elegant and feminine in their stunning evening wear.

A designer like no other

Here are some facts about Oscar de la Renta that will surely impress you.

  • Since de la Renta was so incredible, an entire Sex and the City episode was based on Carrie Bradshaw receiving one of his magical designs as a present from her boyfriend Aleksandr Petrovsky
  • Oscar de la Renta has his own way of answering phone calls:- “ How are you, my darling? Tell me the gossip”.
  • He really loves dominoes. First time visitors were surprised to find him in the staff quarters, totally engrossed on winning at dominoes.
  • de la Renta goes all out with his support towards an orphanage in the Dominican Republic. He provides housing, food, education, and hope for these children, bringing color back into their life.
  • His very last work before departing from this world was presenting Amal Clooney, the society princess with the dream wedding gown that she deserves as she walks down the aisle. He perfectly captured the romantic and elegant mood in the dress, making her wedding a true fairytale dream come true.

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