Grass cutters are some of the most frequently used gardening products in the Philippines, besides lawn mowers. Find out more about grass cutters, or check out the latest prices of grass cutters and other related products.


Grass Cutter Buying Guide: How to Buy the Right One

If you are looking to trim the lawn edges of your garden, here’s a simple short guide before you buy one.

Types of Grass Trimmers

Petrol Grass Cutters

For those having problems with stubborn weeds, petrol grass cutters will get the job done. While they're powerful, they can be tricky to use for light tasks; hence, they are not ideal to use for lawn edging. They're best used by individuals working away from the house for longer periods of time. A can of petrol would suffice for trimming for long periods. Furthermore, Most petrol grass cutters can also work as brush cutters for cutting brambles.

Cordless Grass Cutters

Cordless grass cutters are great for both light and heavy-duty gardening tasks. Although they are offered at a steep price, unlike electric grass cutters, you're paying for the convenience of not having to fuss over a cord. They are perfect for those who don't have easy access to a power source. They're also lighter than petrol and electric models. However, they have the worst batteries, as charging time takes more than four hours. So, you will need to factor in the extra time needed to charge the trimmer in between doing large garden jobs.

Electric Grass Cutters

Electric grass cutters are generally the cheapest models, which need to be plugged into a power source. They are designed for general, light tasks around the garden such as trimming around the fence and edging the lawn.

Features to look for in a grass cutter

Ideally, grass cutters that can tidy the edges of the lawn or neaten unkempt grass don’t need to have lots of features. But if you need more features, considering the following additions could prove invaluable:

  • Rotating head - This allows you to flip the cutting mechanism so you can cut vertically. To cut the best edge, make sure the head doesn't block your view.
  • A grass-trimmer head with a wheel - This supports the weight of the grass trimmer, as well as maintains a constant cutting height.
  • Adjustable shaft handle - An adjustable shaft handle lets you adjust the grass cutter to suit your height. There are also some models that have adjustable angle heads that allow you to adjust the angle of the head so you can strim under garden furniture.
  • Wide handles - Wide handles enable you to swing the grass trimmer in a wide arc, making them a nice addition to a grass cutter. They are great for trimming large areas for longer periods.
  • Loop handles - Loop handles give you a choice of working positions. These depend on whether you're cutting side to side or around obstacles.
  • Harness - Ideal for hardcore trimmers, a harness or shoulder strap will reduce the strain on your arms.