The world is an amazing place that is filled with beautiful sites and magical wonders. But it can also be a scary place where harm and danger awaits you. So if head is filled with all the travel wonders that awaits you but your heart is filled with distrust and fear, how are you ever going to travel with a peace of mind? With Pacsafe you can! A brand that offers you security while you travel, Pacsafe is the ultimate brand to have.


Safety travel with Pacsafe Philippines

Outpac Designs Limited, the brilliant makers of Pacsafe started back in 1998 by 2 fellow Australian friends who has conquered most of the world’s oceans and placed their footprints in more than 80 countries all around the world. Thanks to their own experiences and other travellers around their that convinced them of the need of travel security, the eXomesh anti-theft technology was invented and it was then that the first-ever, award-winning Pacsafe Philippines, anti-theft backpack protector was created.

Today, Pacsafe has placed their mark and can be found in over 33 countries across the globe and from their widest range of safe products, you can find adventure backpacks, leisure bags, urban bags, women’s bags, camera bags and well as luggage and travel accessories. From the very beginning, Pacsafe was created for one and only one clear purpose, to keep travellers one step ahead of the game by keeping their gear secure from opportunistic thieves. Their very aim is to give travellers the peace of mind that they need to get on and about on the road less travelled.

Pacsafe is known for delivery innovative travel products that infuse unique award-winning, anti-theft technology. While staying true to their core that no one deserves to be involved in a theft, they continue to evolve their technology without forgetting their designs. Their products are engineered and tested to keep thieves away and to endure the rigors of travel and also be the simple and stylish bag for everyday use. So, no matter if you are travelling to work or to the ends of the earth, Pacsafe Philippines got you and your belongings covered for your journey.

Ultimate safety features

The Pacsafe Anti-Theft Technology has amazing features that would surely blow your mind. Some of its great and safe features include the

360 eXomesh Locking System

This patented, flexible, stainless steel wire mesh comes in two forms where it can either be thrown over the backpack and bags externally or its laminated between the fabric to form a stealth-like portable safe.

Carrysafe Slashguard Straps

This flexible, lightweight and stainless steel wire is added to the Pacsafe’s adjustable Carrysafe straps thus making them invisible to the eye. It is extremely effective at keeping back slashers from slicing through and running off with your stuff.

Dual Release Security Buckles

Just like its name, this smart buckle comes with dual release button to open and close it. This will surely confuse the thief who won’t waste time trying to unfasten it. It also allows you to attach your bag to a more secure fixture, adding a further difficulty for thieves

eXomesh Slashguard

This lightweight slashguard are built into and concealed in the most commonly vulnerable areas of the bag and protects your equipment from a quick slash and run theft.

Interlocking Zip Pullers

This altest zip pullers inventively slide on top of one another and interconnects it. This makes it hard for the pickpockets to upzip your bag to snatch out your valuables without you noticing.

Puncture Resistant ToughZip

The puncture resistant ToughZip helps in preventing pickpockets from forcing an entry into all their latest Toursafe luggage and Venturesafe travel pack collection with a ballpoint pen or any similar sharp object.

Slashguard Anchor Strap

This strap is fixed to the bag and is tucked away in its own special pocket. When it is pulled out, it can be used to attach to a secure fixture. It is made from stainless steel so cutting it off will be a huge difficulty.

Stainless Steel Locking Cable

This stainless steel and lightweight locking cables allows you to lock your bag to a secured fixture to prevent thieves from running away with your bag

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