The best thing about wearing boots is, not only is it fashionable but also gives your shoes extra protection and comfort. Palladium Philippines gives you a wide selection of fashionable yet heavy-duty boots. Browse for your own pair below or click here to know more about Palladium boots Philippines.


Palladium Philippines - Durable, Edgy and Fashionable Boots for you

Palladium Philippines started off way back in the 1920s, creating aircraft tires from vulcanized rubber and canvas to support the growing aviation industry in Europe. After World War II, the company is left with tons of unused rubber from the decreasing demand of aircraft tires. With an enormous amount of raw materials, Palladium started its footwear factory in France, creating comfortable yet durable boots. From then on, the company created one of the most fashionable, heavy-duty boots for fashionistas, travellers, and modern explorers with a global presence on almost all continents, providing quality footwear for everyone who dares to wear it.

Why choose Palladium Philippines

There are many reasons why you should have at least one pair of Palladium boots in your closet. Not only is it super fashionable, it is also reliable, strong, and comfortable, perfect for those hiking or camping getaways. Palladium boots are also a favorite amongst many travellers because of its enduring quality. Here are more reasons why you should get yourself a pair of Palladium boots:

If you are a big fan of street wear, then you would certainly love these boots from varying styles and designs.
Speaking of types and designs, Palladium boots have an extensive line of footwear for men, women, and kids. The company also features some collections such as Palladium Evolution, Palladium, Palladium Waterproof, and several collaborations that you would certainly love.
Fashionable and equally durable, Palladium Philippines caters to fashionistas, travellers, and urban explorers with their excellent line of boots that would take you anywhere you want to go.

    Palladium boots best sellers that you should have

    Because of its unique design, and long-lasting quality, Palladium boots are in demand amongst individuals with an active lifestyle. Whether for travelling, hiking, camping or streetwear, you can put your best foot forward with these best selling Palladium boots for both men and women!

    Palladium boots for men

    Palladium Baggy Leather Gusset
    Palladium Pampa Sport Cuff WPN
    Palladium Pallabrouse Baggy TW

    Palladium boots for women

    Palladium Baggy Heel Leather
    Palladium Parade Heel Zip
    Palladium Pampa Peloton TW

    Different ways to wear Palladium boots

    Palladium boots are great fashion accents which can be worn by anyone with every outfit available. It can be your go-to footwear whenever you want to go out with your friends, go shopping, or even hit the beach. If you love street fashion, then this footwear would definitely suit your liking. Here are different ways for men and women to wear Palladium boots.

    Fashion tips for men

    When wearing pants with Palladium boots, always wear your pants right over the ankle or cuff them once or twice if needed.
    When wearing jeans inside your boots, make sure that they are slim, but not skin tight.
    When choosing the right boots, the more rugged, the better, that is why choosing a Palladium boot is a good choice for men.
    If you are tucking your jeans inside your boots, make sure that there is enough room for the jeans to be tucked in, so wear boots that are a little bit high above the ankle such as a Palladium Pallabrouse Baggy TW.

      Fashion tips for women

      For women, wearing boots is not a problem, what you need to consider is the length of the boots that you’re going to be wearing.
      For knee-high boots, you can tuck your jeans inside, and for thigh-high boots, you can wear a really cute skater skirt. Black, brown or neutral colors would be preferred.
      Ankle boots such as the Palladium HI stock TFL F are a more flexible choice. You can wear shorts, jeans (make sure to fold them just above the ankle), a mini or midi skirt over it and still look fabulous!

        Palladium boots are a great choice if you want comfort, style, and edginess in one. Whether you are a traveller, an urban explorer, or a simple streetwear fashionista, you should have at least one pair of boots from Palladium Philippines. Timberland boots are also a recommended brand that you should try out!

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