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Panasonic home and living products are found in almost every home and office all over the world. Being one of the older Japanese consumer electronic companies out there, Panasonic's made a name for itself in the world with their high quality and reliable home and living products. Click here!

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iPrice Philippines - Panasonic Home & Living

iPrice Philippines - A Household Name

Panasonic is one of those brands where their product range is just so vast that you will probably do not realize that you are constantly using their products. Panasonic is a Japanese multinational electronics corporation that was founded in 1918, and they first began as a company that dealt in lamp socket, but later they expanded to different lines of home appliances and consumer electronics.

Besides products that are directly under their own brand name, Panasonic also produces and markets the products under different brands. One of these brands is the famous National brand, which is incredibly well known in Malaysia for their ceiling and table fans product.

iPrice Philippines - Home & Living Products

Panasonic is a household name because of their immensely large product lineup that covers a variety of different products. They have a large number of different products under their home and living product categories, such as home appliances of the kitchen, laundry, all the way to appliances that help to make your living areas more comfortable.

All of Panasonic's products are designed with the very sole purpose of making our daily lives more convenient, making it easier to get through our tasks and chores. And with that many products, it is almost possible to only utilize Panasonic home & living products in your entire house.

iPrice Philippines - Panasonic Cooling

South-East Asia only has two seasons: Super hot or heavy rain. When it gets really hot, most of the homes here will turn indoors to stay cool and away from the heat. Panasonic cooling products come into use during these weather. All kinds of fans like ceiling fans or table fans will be turned on, and the air conditioner will also be switched on, managing the air flow and cooling it inside the house. Their air conditioning units also come in different forms, such as the traditional and more conventional wall-mounted units, and also the more industrial type ceiling air conditioning units.

iPrice Philippines - Panasonic Home Appliances

What good are ingredients if we have no proper methods in the form of cookware and proper storage? Not only that, but we also have to keep our homes clean from all dusts and dirt. Luckily for us all, a bevy of Panasonic home appliances that help to make all of these a breeze.

Panasonic kitchen appliances allow us to prepare food cleaner and more efficiently. Panasonic's kitchen appliances are all designed to make our daily chores and tasks a little bit more convenient. Their rice cooker models, for example, have features that can assist you to cook different types of rice easier as it provides digital timers and settings.

iPrice Philippines - Panasonic Bathroom Products

Even in the bathroom does Panasonic provide suitable products and solutions. Even in such hot weather, most people in South-East Asia still prefer to take a bath or shower in warm or hot water. For that, Panasonic bathroom heaters and pumps do a perfect job. Some of their shower units come with a built-in heater and pump in a single unit for convenience, so you will have less things to worry about.