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Heat wave has gotten you stomped? Need to find a way to chill at home and actually chill and not sweat through your t-shirt? Well, we have just the thing for you. We introduce to you Panasonic Air Conditioners. Browse for one below or you could read more about these air-conditioners by clicking here.

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Panasonic Air-Conditioners Philippines: Breezy, Easy, Chilly

Panasonic Air-Conditioners Philippines: Keeping Your Cool While It's Hot

Especially during those hot days, all you want to do is to lay flat on a bed and just soak in all that is cool and breezy. At times ceiling fans could compensate us with the breeze, often it's not as cool as the breeze from a good air-conditioning system. Panasonic aims to solve this first-world predicament through the manufacturing and marketing of their famed air-conditioning systems.

It was in 1985 that Panasonic first ventured into the air-cooling industry and with the recent advancements in technology, Panasonic now boasts quantum leaps in design and performance to create a new standard for all other air-cooling manufacturers. With a motto of, "Peerless Design, Powerful Cooling, Perfect Comfort", you only expect the best from Panasonic.

All Panasonic Air-Conditioners have 3 main features that are aimed to provide only the best for its consumers. They are:

  1. Modern & Minimalist Lines - With the sleek and striking design of each system, you are assured that it will look luxurious and simple enough to fit in any room
  2. Mult-directional Arm - Better agility, better control, better cooling. Enough said
  3. Sliding LED Panel - Easy access, what more can you ask for?

One of the most striking innovations in the world of air-cooling came from Panasonic in the form of Radiant Cooling. This was inspired from a scientific principle called the Coanda Effect. The Coanda Effect is the tendency of airflow to be drawn to a surface and to flow along it. What it means here is that the modern air-conditioning systems from Panasonic would not cool people directly but instead cool the ceiling and walls directly--meaning the room would be cooled first.

Now, let's take a look at the best air-conditioning from Panasonic based on what we think.

Breeze Through the Day with Our Top Picks of Panasonic Air-Conditioners

Panasonic has a wholesome amount air-conditioning systems that are both durable and reliable in providing cool air for those really hot days. Here are our top picks of the best Panasonic Air-Conditioners:

The Panasonic Wall-Mounted Premium Inverter (Single-Split)

The first of the 2 on our list is the CS-S10SKH-1 or the Premium Inverter. We absolutely love this one because it's a revolution of sorts to the design and function of an air-conditioner. Instead of blowing cool air from the wall onto the people and the room, the air is blown upwards to the ceiling and walls. Pretty innovtive stuff, if you ask us.

The Panasonic Skywing

Well, not technically an air-conditioner system standalone but a series, Panasonic's Skywing series is the world's foremost innovated system of air-cooling. We have mentioned the 3 main features of a Panasonic air-cooling system and the Skywing series simply buff all the 3 up to the maximum. With Radiant Cooling technology and the Fast Cooling feature, this is the future--through air-conditioning, of course.

A Better Life, A Better World with Panasonic Air-Conditioners

We personally love nothing more than to come back after a long day at work to the welcoming embrace of a cooled room. And we expect nothing less of it when we use Panasonic Air-Conditioners. Get your fix today by scrolling back up to the product listing and have your pick at the many Panasonic Air-Conditioner products we have in store for you.

Happy Shopping!