Pandora offers some of the best jewelry in the Philippines at reasonable prices. Pandora rings, bracelets, necklaces, earrings, charms, and bangles are sought after for their stylish and elegant designs. Browse the latest Pandora products, or find out more about Pandora below.


Pandora PH FAQs: Pandora Price, Availability, and More!

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Can Pandora be pawned in the Philippines?

You can pawn your Pandora bracelet in the Philippines by checking out some articles online relating to legitimate stores that buy jewelry, semi-precious stone, and gold. Bear in mind that most pawn shops in the Philippines do not buy gemstones other than diamonds, such as rubies or emeralds. In addition, a pawn shop is not your only option if you want to sell your Pandora jewelry.

Is Pandora Ring real silver?

Pandora jewelry products including Pandora rings are made from high-quality materials such as sterling silver and 14k gold. Pandora silver rings consist of 92.5% silver and 7.5% other metals (mainly copper to improve durability). Pure silver is usually too soft for jewelry, meaning that it will scratch easily.

Do Pandora do diamond rings?

Pandora Philippines produces all sorts of rings including those with diamonds - the most loved gemstones. All diamonds in Pandora jewelry are natural occurring gemstones formed in nature without human intervention.

Pandora Philippines: Everything you need to know about Pandora charms

Loved by women everywhere, Pandora charms are a way to express your love to your significant others or your family members. Besides offering women with high-quality, hand-finished, modern, and genuine jewelry, the charm bracelet also inspires women to express their individuality. With Pandora, women are now able to tell their personal stories and celebrate special moments.

The Vast Variety of Pandora charms

Sterling silver charms

One of the most popular charms in the collection, the sterling silver has simple to fancy designs as well as plain to ornate. Buyers can choose from over 200 sterling silver charms from the collection. All of them are made with 92.5% pure silver and are nickel-free.

Gold charms

Pick from simple and elegant designs, which are available in 14K yellow gold. There is an array of styles that include precious stones, pearls, cubic zirconia, and diamonds.

Silver and gold charms

Featuring an appealing mix of both silver and gold metals, it brings a unique shimmer to any bracelet or necklace.

Rose charms

Made from a new metal blend, the Rose charm adds a touch of pink to your bracelet or necklace.

Murano glass charms

Hand-crafted from Italian Murano glass, the charm adds a unique pop of color and design to your jewelry. The colors and designs are actually in the glass and not painted on the outside.

Essence charms

Aimed to symbolize your inner values, hopes, and desires in life, the essence collection is suitable for slender bracelets as the charms are more delicate and petite. Similar to the Murano glass charms, they are all hand-crafted from genuine materials.

Disney charms

One of the cutest and most popular Pandora charms are the Pandora Disney charms. This is because; it captures all the magic and imagination of your favorite Disney characters that have inspired your life. This collection features roughly 80 different charms wherein you can choose from Tinkerbell and Minnie Mouse to Snow White and Winnie the Pooh.

Pet charms

Comes in adorable shapes of various animals such as dogs, cats, horses, birds, and much more. This collection comes in sterling silver as well as many accented with colorful enamel or gemstones.

Cost of Pandora Charms

Depending on the embellishment on the charms, the hand-crafted pieces come in multiple price points.


One of the more affordable charms are the openwork sterling silver charms. It features an arrangement of hearts surrounding the word “Mom”.


Since the cost of producing charms with more embellishments such as the addition of gemstones or coloured enamels is higher, the price will surely cost more. It also depends on the level of detail. For example, the Flower Garden Charm which is part of the Murano glass charm collection is priced at mid-range.


The gold charms are the most expensive charms as they are made from 14K gold. The most expensive charm which is not only made with gold but embellished with real diamonds as well, the Pave Brilliant Heart Gold Charm cost more than USD 620.

Cost of Pandora Bracelet

Similar to the Pandora charms, the cost of the bracelets varies depending on the type of materials it is made with. The bracelet that is priced at the lowest is the Black Multi-Strand Bracelet which costs USD 35, excluding the charms. On the other hand, the priciest bracelet is the Pandora Gold Charm Bracelet, priced at USD 1415. Overall, the average costs of the bracelet would be roughly between USD 45 and USD 80.

Number of charms that can be fitted on a Pandora bracelet

The most important aspect is the choice of your charm size, bracelet length as well as how you want it to fit. Typically, you can fit 17 charms on a standard size bracelet and the maximum number you can fit is 22 charms. Nonetheless, the number includes two clips and any spacers you pick. Additionally, you may add a safety chain that will take up the space of two charms.

Ways to add charms to your Pandora bracelet

You do not have to worry if your charms fall off as they are designed to be screwed onto the bracelet. The most classic sterling silver and gold bracelets are usually divided into three sections which are separated by threaded areas. There are only three simple steps to follow for you to add new charms.

Firstly, open the clasp of your bracelet by twisting it to pop it open. You can simply use the Pandora clasp opener if you are facing any difficulty. Secondly, you can gently screw on the charm over the threading. Finally, you can move your charm farther along your bracelet by repeating steps 2.

Reasons why Pandora bracelets are the best accessories to wear

  • Pandora bracelets are some of the best pieces of jewelry - you are sure to get compliments when you wear these bracelets.
  • They don’t get easily tangled like other necklaces.
  • Pandora bracelets are not as small as rings so you will be less likely to misplace them
  • Pandora bracelets are so gorgeous and luxurious - they turn heads, hearts, and eyes! They are a perfect distraction when you have no time to get your nails done
  • Pandora bracelets add style and give a personal touch to what you wear.
  • They also complement well with watches when paired together.

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