For someone who loves her blings, she would surely know how Pandora and their beautiful charm bracelet took over the whole world by storm. Join the Pandora bandwagon and get your charm bracelet here today. Know more about the iconic Pandora bracelet below.


Top Pandora Bracelets & Bangles Philippines Price List 2021

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Pandora Bracelet Philippines: Addling glitz and glamour to your life

Pandora Philippines: Their most iconic creation

You would surely agree that without their dazzling charm bracelet, there wouldn’t be a Pandora. Charm bracelets were once a popular trinket during the Victorian times but people eventually got bored of them. But thanks to Pandora, the charm bracelet was brought back into the limelight as it is not only stylish but also personal. People just love Pandora on their wrist and all for good reasons:

  1. They make beautiful accessories that can be easily changed to suit your style
  2. Pandora charms are unique, gorgeous, meaningful and fun.
  3. All charms are handcrafted out of sterling silver or gold.
  4. Pandora charms don’t hang like any other beads at the bottom of your wrist.
  5. Pandora bracelets make excellent and meaningful gifts

Pandora Bracelet Philippines: Building your bracelet 101

Getting into the Pandora world can be a tad confusing – what’s the difference between clips, spacers or even charms? How many charms should I get? What type of bracelet should I get? Between these and all the other questions you might have, we will be covering the ins and the outs right here, right now.

The Bracelet

  • Sterling Silver Bracelet – most basic and popular one
  • 14 Carat Gold Bracelet – an option not for the fainthearted
  • Two Tone Bracelet - bracelet chain in silver, clasp in gold, a little bit of both worlds
  • Leather Charm Bracelet – For the punk chic in you

The Clasp

  • Barrel Clasp – Available on all type of bracelet
  • Lobster Clasp – Only available on the Sterling Silver bracelet

The Clips

Hinged charms that snaps right onto your bracelet. A Pandora bracelet is divided into 3 sections and the two threads in the middle of the bracelet is where the clips should be attached. Why you need them:

  • Keeps you charm in separate section
  • Prevents your charms from teaming up together which might cause the bracelet to kink or worse, break.
  • Then are gorgeous (duh!)

The Spacers

To fill up the awkward small spaces that your charm left out. Since spacers are smaller than normal charms, they fit in these holes perfectly. It also helps your charms from rubbing against each other. And it’s a pretty piece that you will never say no to.

Safety Chains

These chains are attached on either side of the clasp. Why you need them:

  • To keep your bracelet from falling right off your wrist
  • You will surely love the way they add beauty to your bracelet

The Charms (the best part of your bracelet)

The best part about getting a bracelet from Pandora are the variety of beautiful, breath-taking charms that makes the whole bracelet special. Since Pandora uses a threaded system, most of the charm screws straight onto the bracelet. You can go crazy with charms, all up to your own style and personality. Choose between silver charms, gold charms and two-toned charms. For some extra glam, you can add dangle charms, Murano beads or even country exclusive charms to make your bracelet even more unique.

Be a part of the amazing Pandora today and be amazed by their beautiful Pandora bracelets, Pandora charms, and Pandora beads.