Crafting exclusive luxury watches since 1860, Panerai is the legend among luxury watch brands. Its simple and bold design have won hearts of many watch connoisseurs. Explore & enjoy Panerai luxury watch!


Push Your Boundaries With Panerai Philippines

Panerai Philippines watches are spectacular and sophisticated timepieces. A watchmaker with its own bold yet simple distinctive for its watches, Panerai has become a cult legend among collectors and enthusiast. Originally developed specifically for military purpose, Panerai is now the symbol of exclusivity, elite & elegance in the world of luxury timepieces.

Panerai Philippines - How The Legend Began

The history of Panerai began in 1860 when Giovanni Panerai opened his shop on Ponte alle Grazia in Florence. Not just a workshop, it also served as the first watchmaking school in Florence at that time. During his grandson's time, Panerai was the official supplier that was providing the Regia Marina or Royal Italian Navy with high precision instruments and watches. ''Radiomir'' or radium based powder was then created by Panerai to help make the dials and sighting devices visible especially during underwater. At the start of the Second World War, Radiomir would be the name for Panerai's new prototype diving watch designed for underwater warfare.

In 1950, Panerai developed Luminor watch with its iconic crown-protecting bridge and cushion-shaped case. This Luminor design was said to be so unique and special that many collectors around the world still covet these pieces of meticulous designs. There was a presentation in September 1993 about Panerai's collections of three limited edition watches: Luminor, Luminor Marina and Mare Nostrum. These particular models took their inspiration from the historical service models that were used by the commandos in the Second World War. Needless to say, the response from the collectors and enthusiasts alike were ecstatic.

Why People Love Panerai Philippines

The Power Of In House Movement

Basically, your Panerai watch is made up of exquisite pieces that are produced by Panerai itself. This simply means that every piece that you can find in a Panerai watch is in-house made and none of those parts are outsourced from other manufacturers. In short, your favourite Panerai watch is entirely developed, produced and assembled in the same Panerai facility. As the Panerai watch is proudly in-house, it is very valuable and exclusive in the eyes of collectors & enthusiasts. You will be a proud bearer of Panerai timepiece.

Ruler Of Time & Space

Featuring timeless and proven designs, the Panerai watches are very classic as these watches evoke ageless sophistication that is not tarnished or affected by the passage of time. These pieces are also reminders of a glorious legacy of nobility & courage that was passed down from generation to generation. If you are a military enthusiast, you will love these pieces immensely as they have the shared heritage with those brave fighting men. Even if you are not, you will slowly enjoy and appreciate these mighty & beautiful watches as they will make you fall in love with them.

Bold & Simple Statement

In the words of Clare Boothe Luce, simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. Panerai watch embodies that very expression as it is a simple design but with highly detailed & intricate finishing. When the Panerai timepiece is wrapped around your wrist, people will notice and recognise its bold superiority. As all eyes are directed towards you and your Panerai watch, your simple accessory has drawn their attention and adoration. No matter what your attire is, this simple yet elegant timepiece always pairs well with you in any occasion and event.

Quality & Precision

While people may try to describe the design of Panerai watches and explain its popularity, it still does not convey its qualities accurately. This is simply because Panerai watches are je ne sais quoi and you have to wear it to experience its power & attraction. As the saying goes, you will not settle for anything when you have wear a Panerai watch. Do not make the mistake of regarding Panerai watches as old-fashioned because their ageless appearance will always make them look youthful forever. Wearing Panerai watches will definitely make you feel accomplished and full of purpose.

Exclusive Panerai Philippines Products

When Sylvester Stallone bought few pieces of Panerai watches and gave some of them as gifts to his friends, little did he know that he has singlehandedly sparked huge interest for the then unknown brand in the public eyes. Once, its popularity is only limited to watch connoisseurs and that eventually changed dramatically as Stallone began to wear Panerai watches in his movies. As a result, Panerai watches are associated with action, reliability and endurance, just like their predecessors that were worn by Italian frogmen in their underwater missions.

Panerai Luminor
Originally intended for military purpose, this Panerai watch is available for you to experience its precision. The Luminor design has this distinctive large dial and lever device that protects the winding crown. Panerai Luminor is also water and shock resistant as well as being reliable with its accurate and precise clock movement.
Panerai Radiomir
This Radiomir design is perfect for those that are adventurous and seek the finer things in life. Bearing more retro look and character, Panerai Radiomir is an enduring classic with strengths in robustness as well as being water and shock resistant.

Passion of Panerai Philippines

Solid & simple, Panerai Philippines watch is a highly sought after timepiece that exudes strength & vitality. Incorporating timeless & classic designs that are neither grand nor flamboyant, trying too hard to impress is simply not a vocabulary in all Panerai timepieces. Panerai watch is a perfect accessory for those that don't want to be showy or ostentatious. It feels right at the moment when you don a Panerai watch and proudly wearing wherever you go.

For those that love down-to-earth, warm & welcoming piece, Brown Panerai watch is your companion that complements you whenever you go socialising. Your Panerai watch will be a great conversation starter whenever you start talking.

Black Panerai watch exhibits the ageless sophistication, class & elegance for those who wear it.