Pebble smartwatches started the whole race to smart wearables. If you're in the market for a smartwatch, you can't go wrong with a Pebble. Click here to discover the awesome features of Pebble smartwatches!

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Pebble Philippines - The future of watches is just a stone's throw away.

Off to a kick start with Pebble Philippines!

Pebble started off with a kick start in 2013 on Kickstarter - a crowdfunding platform - with their first smartwatch, the original Pebble Classic.

The company, Pebble Technology Corporation, raised a total of $10.3 million through their campaign on Kickstarter to crowdfund for the Pebble Classic watch. That $10.3 million funding on Kickstarter was the largest amount of money raised for a campaign tat that time in 2012 - and it was within a month!

The birth of Pebble was from a concept by the founder, Eric Migicovsky: he wanted to have a watch that could show messages or notifications from smartphones. In the beginning through a business incubator program, he pitched in his idea and was able to generate up to $375,000 from investors. However, that amount would not be enough and he was unable to acquire additional funding from investors. Failing that, Kickstarter was Pebble's next goal: to crowdfund the project. The $100,000 goal on Kickstarter was met within only two hours of the project going live on Kickstarter - it then became the most funded project in Kickstarter by raising up to $4.7 million before the crowdfunding was even over.

Why do I need a Pebble smartwatch?

A Pebble smartwatch is best described as convenience, practicality, functionality, reliability. Picture this scenario: You are having dinner with your family, and it is one of those "no smartphones" dinnertime. And you feel your phone vibrating (hopefully in silent mode, last thing you'll need is your parent glaring at you when your phone rings) to a text - and your curiosity just urges you to check that text. How do you check it? Well, with a Pebble smartwatch, you just need to look down at your wrist as if checking the time and you'll be able to glimpse at your incoming text! If you're in a working environment, imagine a meeting that is just boring you and you want to read some texts that have just come in to your phone. What do you do? Glance at your Pebble smartwatch!

Here's why you should get a Pebble smartwatch:

  • Up to 10 days of battery life. Yes, you read that right. Unlike many other smartwatches that are currently in the market with a day or two of battery life, a Pebble smartwatch have up to 10 days of battery life! If you have dreaded having another device to charge nightly, don't fret - you will only need to charge your Pebble once a week!
  • You know the other smartwatches that will have you twist your wrist to you to turn on the display so you can tell the time and read your texts? Pebble will have none of that. Pebble has an always on display - and that comes with the battery life of up to 10 days. Using what they term as an "e-paper" display, Pebble smartwatches are always on. Sure it is not as pretty as the other smartwatches and their touchscreen LCD and OLED displays, but Pebble's "e-paper" display is always on and ready for you to glance at it. It does not even consume much battery life too.
  • Like swimming? Love running in the rain? Find it a hassle to take off your smartwatch every single time you do those sports? Pebble Smartwatches are water resistant up to 50 meters for the Pebble Classic and Pebble Steel, and up to 30 meters for the Pebble Time and Pebble Time Steel. Really - these watches love the water, just take a dive with them and use those amazing apps to track your swim or your run in the rain!
  • If you own an iPhone or an Android smartphone, but cannot seem to find a suitable Android Wear or Apple watch model (or affordable, really), then Pebble smartwatches are for you! Pebble smartwatches are made to work with both Android and iOS! Unlike the Apple Watch which can only work with iPhone, a Pebble smartwatch is an affordable solution which will work well with both phone operating system, no more worries about a lack of choice.
  • If you are one of those watch-lovers or just a person who likes a little variety in their life, Pebble will suit you very well be giving you the option to use different watch straps! Pebble smartwatches uses the international standard for watch straps, which in turn gives you the option to purchase and use any watchstrap that you can buy at any timepiece store!
  • Other smartwatches like the Android Wear watches can be very expensive, and let us not even mention the Apple Watch. But with a Pebble smartwatch, it is relatively affordable for a lot of people who wants a smartwatch that's very durable, lasts all week, and can also be used while they're swimming.

How many Pebbles are there?

As of the current moment, there are actually five different Pebble smartwatches in their current lineup: the Pebble Classic, Pebble Steel, Pebble Time, Pebble Time Steel, and the latest Pebble Time Round.

  • Pebble Classic: The first Pebble watch to ever make it out to the market by Pebble Technology Corporation. The Pebble Classic is wholly made with plastic and is actually a very playful looking smartwatch. But as much as it is playful looking, the Pebble is as functional. We're talking about the watch that started off the whole smartwatch race that we see around the world today here. It features a black-and-white e-paper screen that always stays on and an amazing 7-days battery life. The Pebble Classic is currently available in black, white, and a very attractive red color.
  • Pebble Steel: The Pebble steel is pretty much the Pebble Classic, but in a much nicer metal body. A stainless steel body that is available in either brushed stainless steel or matte black steel body with a choice of the steel strap or the leather strap.
  • Pebble Time: This is the second generation of Pebble smartwatches. Pebble took a big leap with the new Pebble Time smartwatches by going back to its roots: crowdfunding. Yep, the Pebble Time went back to Kickstarter for its beginning.
    Like the Pebble Classic, the Pebble Time's crowdfunding was a huge success - it got $1 million within 49 minutes, and became the highest funded Kickstarter at $20.4 million at the end. The Pebble Time is similar to the Pebble Classic in many ways, but differ in the "e-paper" display. The Pebble Time features a Gorilla Glass 64-color "e-paper" display, a significant upgrade from the previous monochrome display of the Pebble Classic. The other notable upgrade is the future possibility of "smartstraps"; Pebble has placed a port on the back of the watch which will be able to link to watch straps with features.
  • Pebble Time Steel: Like the Pebble Classic, the Pebble Time Steel is a steel edition of the Pebble Time. It features a metal body, and also a tougher 2.5D display. One standout feature of the Pebble Time Steel is its 10-days battery life which is several days longer compared to the standard 7-days of the Pebble Classic and Pebble Time.
  • Pebble Time Round: The latest entry into Pebble's smartwatch lineup. If you're not into the overly geeky square watch faces, then this should be your choice! The Pebble Time Round is - as its name suggests - the first round Pebble smartwatch. It is also significantly thinner, but in return for that thinness, the battery can only last for two days, but within 15 minutes of charging, you should have enough juice to last you a whole day.