A Malaysian brand, Pensonic has gained favour amongst Filipinos for the reliable and affordable home appliances that it provides. Find out more about the products offered by Pensonic Philippines below.


Improve your Household with Home Appliances from Pensonic Philippines

For a local brand to stand on par with well-established international brands is never an easy feat. Hence, this is a milestone that is achieved by Pensonic, a brand that was established in Penang Philippines in the mid-1960s. Pensonic Philippines products are now commonly seen in many Philippinesan households and are trusted for the reliability and quality that they provide. Pensonic Philippines offers a variety of home appliances for you to equip your home with. Below is a breakdown of the products offered by Pensonic Philippines:

Kitchen and Dining Appliances

Pensonic Philippines has an extensive selection of kitchen and dining appliances that you could probably fill up your entire kitchen with their products - except for the furniture like cabinets! Offering all the needed essentials in a modern kitchen, Pensonic Philippines is your one-stop brand for all the appliances you require.

If you are someone who often whips up quick meals, then Pensonic Philippines has got you covered. The brand has got a wide range of electric ovens that can cook a variety of food, from simply toasting your bread to roasting your meats well – and worry not, Pensonic still has those toasters that pops up the bread when they are done toasting, the good ol’ fashion way. Fancy a rich stew for breakfast after a night of partying? Simply pop in the ingredients into one of Pensonic Philippines’s slow cookers for it to cook overnight and you will have the perfect hangover remedy come morning.

Home Comfort

A home in the Philippines is never complete without the presence of fans or air-conditioners. Due to the country’s hot and humid tropical climate, locals need these appliances at home to make them feel as comfortable as possible.

Being a locally-established brand, Pensonic understands these needs, which is why they have an extensive array of fans in its inventory – table fans, floor fans, stand fans, wall fans, and ceiling fans for you to install at home. The many different types of fans enable us to place them wherever convenient so that we can effectively stay cool and get away from the heat regardless of which area of the house we are in.

Audio and Visual

As a company which started out by producing radios and selling them, Pensonic certainly has not forgotten the product that formed the larger part of its roots. Until today, Pensonic is still offering a wide selection of radios as part of its product library. However, the company has gone beyond merely providing radios, producing many other audio and visual products as well such as television sets, CD/DVD players, and home theatre systems. Therefore, if you are planning to transform your living room into a personal cinema, you now know where you can get all the necessary essentials.

Other Home Essentials

Besides those mentioned above, Pensonic also provides all the staple appliances you require at home such as washing machines and vacuum cleaners. These appliances are equipped with the latest technologies to improve their effectiveness and functionality, making sure that you will not regret your decision to purchase them.