Dogs are man’s best friend as they are loyal and make great companions for every human being. That is the reason why you should get the best dog beds in the Philippines for your canine. Learn more about how to wash your dog bed below.

Do calming dog beds really work?


How to wash your dog bed

The number oneproblem that every pet owner has to face is the shedding of fur. It can be troublesome if it gets all over the interior of the house. The favourite past time of our furry friends is to spend lots of time sleeping and it may accumulate over time particularly if they have their own dog bed. It is important to clean pet furniture regularly for the sake of our sanity and health. Here are some tips on how to wash your dog bed.


It is recommended to look for a bed that is washable or has a removable washable fabric cover. Always pick fabrics that are made with color-safe materials so that it does not bleed when washed. Make sure the fabric is also quick drying so that it will prevent any mold from growing. You may also want to check the label for washing instructions.


way to ensure that it is completely clean. Firstly, you should vacuum it to remove any excess pet hair and dirt. You may also use a lint brush to pick up any stray hairs that might not be reachable by the vacuum. After cleaning off the excess hairs, remove the fabric cover from the cushion to prepare it for the wash. If there are any stains on it, it is advisable to spray it with a stain remover before placing it in the washing machine.


Next, you want to determine the type of detergent to use. Some dogs have sensitive skin, so it is crucial Next, you want to determine the type of detergent to use. Some dogs have sensitive skin, so it is crucial to not add a lot of unnecessary scents or chemicals to their laundry. You can purchase more gentle and natural detergent do be used on the dog bed. At times, the bedding can be quite dirty. So it is best to run it through two wash cycles so that it comes out entirely clean.


Once the dog bed has been washed, it is time to put in in a dryer. Make use of pet-safe dryer sheets as the most of the sheets come with a hefty dose of fragrance chemicals which may be harmful to your pet. The sheet is meant to lessen any static cling as well as removing pet hair. The temperature should be set to low and make sure that the bedding is not left in the dryer for too long. Remove the bedding after twenty minutes or so and allow it to air-dry to prevent it from shrinking.

Other cleaning tips

To maintain the bedding of your dog bed, it is better to wash it less frequently. To do so, you may want to buy additional fabric covers so that you can simply rotate them.

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Do calming dog beds really work?

Calming dog beds are specifically designed to alleviate stress in our furry friends and they have the most benefit when used in combination with training (and medication or calming supplements if necessary.) These comfortable beds facilitate relief from stressful situations by providing dogs with a sense of security- similar to that of a weighted vest.

If your pet is prone to feeling anxious when you are not home or when encountering loud noises, there’s a good chance they might benefit from the comfort of a calming bed- in addition to proper training and other calming products. To calm your dog for bed, promote relaxation by using gentle strokes down the side of his face or body, stroking its chest in a circular motion, and massaging its ears. With the right bed and other measures, you can rest assured that your four-legged friend will live a more relaxed life.