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4 Peugeot cars you must know

Probably one of the most missed pronounced car names in the world, Peugeot marries luxury with sportiness in every model it makes. It is said that some of the most fun cars to drive in the world are Peugeot models. In the Philippines, amid the high costs of running a car, Peugeot cars are still popular as daily drives. Thanks to European styling that tantalizes the eyes, along with a huge selection of in-car ‘toys’, Peugeot cars are some of the most pleasurable to drive around town. Want to know more about some of the best Peugeot models in the world? Here are 4 that you might be interested in.

Peugeot GTi

Did you know that Peugeot was one of the first cars that came out with the name GTi? Bringing out the little ‘Pocket Rocket’ cars of the 80s into the early 90s, and all the way until today, Peugeot’s small but powerful cars gave a new look into the automotive world of racing. Bringing in the Peugeot 205 GTi, Peugeot created the category of the hot hatch. Followed by the 306 GTi-6, this little beast made the most of its 6-speed gearbox.

With over 3 million models sold worldwide, the 306 GTi came in both 5-door and 3-door models. For its low price tag and fuel economy, the GTi sparked a following of other car companies trying to create the same type of car. Even Volkswagen, Ford, and Toyota started making hot hatches to compete in this market.

Peugeot 406

In its race into the sedan market, Peugeot inadvertently created a car that won the hearts of families all around the world. With Peugeot’s luxury and crafted perfection standard with every 406 model, the car was simply irresistible. It first was launched in 1996 and every subsequent release saw new technologies integrated. With its four-door sedan line-up, Peugeot had what it took to conquer the European automobile market.

Later releasing the 2-door coupe, Peugeot made the 406 more sleek along with a sporty look. fitting variants of 2.0L 4-cylinder, 3.0L V6, and 2.2L HDi diesel engines, the 406 competed with the most sporty of the supercars. With toys such as cruise control, climate control, a sunroof, CD player, electric seats and more, Peugeot 406 became a popular name mentioned among car enthusiasts.

Peugeot RCZ

Peugeot is known for its abstract concepts cars. You may not even know that one of its concept cars made it into automotive production. Enter the Peugeot RCZ – the ultimate concept car that we can own and drive. Like something straight out of a designer’s drawing board, the RCZ makes good with its sleek styling and 2-door looks. The word ‘aerodynamic’ is only the beginning of what this car is up to. Made to turn heads, the RCZ is built low to the ground, a fraction of the height of a sedan. As for length, the car is shorter than the Peugeot 406 coupe but makes light work of navigating through corners.

Once out for production in 2010, the RCZ took on a few distinct colours such as red, black, white, and silver. On most models, the roof came black, giving the car a two-toned paint scheme. Alloy sport rims and a retractable rear spoiler gave the car some finesse when on high speeds. Fitted with a 1.6L petrol engine, the RCZ had fuel economy on its side as compared to the large coupe models of the past.

Peugeot 206 – Rally winner

We can’t stop talking about Peugeot’s pocket rocket. The 206 GTi was thrust into rally championships and proved its worth. When all little turbocharged hatchbacks of the 90s were competing in rally, the 206 GTi conquered them all. Bringing in a lightweight chassis that was nimble to navigate through forests and off-road courses with a variety of road terrain, the 206 soared into first place.

Flying over obstacles and drifting through curves, the wide-bodied Peugeot took home the gold in many races. Called the Peugeot 206 WRC, the model succeeded the 205 WRC model and went on to become a crowd favourite. Winning two championships in 2000 and 2002, the WRC 206 paved the way for its predecessor to take over its mighty heritage.

What makes Peugeot such a great car?

If you’ve never experienced driving a Peugeot or even sitting in one, it’s high time you do. Peugeots are great cars thanks to their sturdy build quality, additional features that make our lives easier, safety, and overall comfort. Each car is made with the driver and passengers in mind. From leather seats to large trunk space, Peugeot cars are built for modern practicality. For those who own Peugeot cars, you may want to get some accessories to go along with your amazing car. Get your Peugeot watches to go along with the car you have.