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Philips LFH3010 SpeechMike Air Wireless Dictation Microphone with Slide Switch Design
₱ 38,946.00
Philips SpeechMike is now wireless! The robust device delivers to professionals the personal freedom to dictate without the restraints of a cord. Philips had engineered and implemented an intelligent design to ensure that security is not compromised, while providing comfort with refined ergonomics for prolonged use. True compatibility with Dragon Medical and Dragon NaturallySpeaking software, the SpeechMike Air has programmable buttons that are customizable to accommodate user preferences.
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Philips LFH-3000 SpeechMike Air Wireless Dictation Microphone with Push Button Design
₱ 38,946.00
•Optimized for speech recognition ◦The advanced microphone design and an optimized frequency response rate cater for the best speech recognition results. The speech recognition software can be directly controlled with the SpeechMike Air (Speech Control). ◦Internal uni-directional electret condenser microphone and external jack for additional microphone or headset ◦Built in 30 mm round, dymanic Acoustic speaker ◦Up to 7 hours of recording time and 12 programmable buttons •First class handling ◦Simplicity and ease of use are two main guidelines for Philips products. ◦Designed with three ergonomic zones, it has been tested and proven by users for most comfortable fit into the human hand. ◦The dictation zone is optimized to keep thumb movement to a minimum and allows for blind operation.There is no need to remove the hand from the microphone for navigation on the PC. Enjoy full control over the application while experiencing the ease of dictation with this unique device. •Lightweight ◦For every day usage, the weight also comes into play. It has been made very lightweight and perfectly balanced, easy and comfortable to handle at all times at only 4.4 ounces, including the batteries. ◦Quick and easy pairing and charging ◦The AirBridge and AirPort form the interface between SpeechMike Air and the PC. The AirPort docking station provides convenient charging of the dictation microphone. The built-in lift guides the SpeechMike Air into the AirPort for stable connection and protection of the cradle contacts. The AirBridge serves as the PC-connection and permits smooth mobile pairing with the SpeechMike Air. •Bluetooth technology ◦High connection reliability, low power consumption, and an expedient data transfer rate make Bluetooth technology the most feasible way of providing secure wireless desktop dictation. ◦Wireless connection with operating range up to 10 meters (33 Feet)
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*Prices updated on 16 Oct 2017

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