As one of the most versatile accessories, the USB OTG cables are really handy in almost any situations. Once you know more about what it can do, you now know a lot about the amazing life hacks with this lovely accessory. Read more about USB OTG cables in the Philippines below to find out.

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Amazing Things that You Should Know about USB OTG Cables

USB OTG (USB On The Go) cables make it possible for you to enable a mobile device to talk to one another. Generally, you can only connect to both mobile devices and computer via USB cables. Now, you can rely on USB OTG to help to connect any compatible devices directly. As such, it is truly an amazing device.

There are lots of things that your simple USB OTG cable can do with relative ease. If you have not heard much about them, you do not have to worry because there is an essential guide that shows you about what you can do with it.Therefore, these are the amazing things that you should know about USB OTG cables.

What You Can Do with Your USB OTG Cables

Connect A Peripheral Device

One of the most common ways to use your USB OTG cables is to connect a keyboard or a mouse. In fact, it is more than possible to couple your smartphone with these peripheral devices such as mouse and keyboard. Then, you can use to control it like normally you would with a computer. However, you should note that there are certain restrictions in such pairings. As an example, a gaming mouse with numerous buttons is usually not compatible with the pairing. Yet, you can still get most out of it without much trouble at all since almost all basic operations are being enabled.

When you plug in a USB mouse, you will be able to see its cursor appears automatically on your display. This pairing is useful indeed especially when your touchscreen is broken or damaged. Another amazing use is to connect an external keyboard to transform your basic tablet into a versatile laptop. Furthermore, you can always try to connect to other devices such as MIDI keyboards and controllers, audio inputs for instruments and vocals, and other controllers if you love to make music on your Android device. Fascinatingly, you can transform any smartphone or tablet into a marvelous music-making machine.

Connect An External Storage Devices

What happens if you connect to storage devices with USB OTG cable? Essentially, you will be able to access data directly on the external storage devices such as USB sticks, and external hard drives. With the file manager on your device, you can even play music or movies without having to store them on your device. Incredibly, you can also use it as a non-cloud based backup storage option for your photos, music, and other files from your own smartphone.

Connect A Gamepad/Game Controller

When it comes to mobile gaming, you can always connect a gamepad to your smartphone via USB OTG cable so that you can experience full control of your game. It is as easy as it gets since you only need to pair them effortlessly without having to install or configure anything. Hence, this is why the USB OTG cable can be really handy for even mobile gaming.