A stylus is a pen-shaped instrument with a round rubber piece that glides over screen devices with ease. It is a device used to navigate on smartphones or tablets. Placing a stylus on the touchscreen surface is how it is used. Some styluses have a pen, combining two writing instruments into a single tool.

What is a stylus pen used for? | Do stylus pens work on all phones? | Is the stylus pen worth it?

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Stylus Pen- Frequently Asked Questions

A stylus is used on a tablet, smartphone, or another computer with a touch screen where your finger would otherwise be used. When compared to just using your fingers, a stylus offers a smudge-free swiping and tapping experience on your phone or screen computer.

What is a stylus pen used for?

A stylus is a pen-shaped device designed specifically for use with touch screens. Stylus pen usually included material such as conductive rubber or capacitive hard plastic tips, slimmer, more precise replacements for fingertips. It served as the touchpoint to draw in sketch apps, write in apps for taking notes, touch and hold to copy and paste, tap on-screen keyboards to select button choices and make selections in dropdowns on forms.

Do stylus pens work on all phones?

Yes, the stylus pen does work with all phones but you need to choose the best one. There are two types of stylus that you can choose from to suit your need.

Capacitive Stylus

You can use a capacitive stylus with any device that has a capacitive touch screen that you can use your finger to touch. But it has no pressure sensitivity, just as your device's touch screen cannot detect how hard you press it with your finger, it cannot detect how hard you press it with a capacitive stylus. It also doesn't have palm rejection since the capacitive panel cannot distinguish between the stylus and your hand, you cannot rest your hand on the screens when drawing with the stylus.

Wacom Digitizer

Wacom manufactures drawing tablets for musicians, but this technology is also finding its way into consumer electronics and these styluses won’t work with all your device. It can sense various levels of pressure is the most important feature of a Wacom-based digitizer sheet. It doesn't have a battery so you don't have to charge it.

Is the stylus pen worth it?

They're extremely useful and worth it to have. If you enjoy drawing, a stylus pen is an absolute must-have. Combine the artistic independence of pencil and paper with the ease of digital storage and limitless color choices. Not only that, but styluses are an excellent accessory if you want to jot down text at works plus it was designed small so you can bring it anywhere. Besides, using a stylus eliminates the need to physically touch the screens of your phone, leaving it as clean and shiny as the day you purchased it, perfect for those who want to keep their phone clean.