There will always be tons of options when it comes to smartwatches online. Don't forget to use filters to browse for different colors, brands, and store. You can also compare model prices and specs! Browse from our smartwatches price list in the Philippines September 2018 below!

Latest model: Ticwatch E, ₱ 8,409.00; LG Watch Style, ₱ 16,875.00; Fitbit Versa, ₱ 12,497.00
Most popular model: Apple Watch Series 3, ₱ 19,699.00; Xiaomi Mi Band 2, ₱ 1,288.00; Fitbit Charge HR, ₱ 3,157.00
Cheapest model: SKMEI 1219, ₱ 566.00


Why You Should Get The Access Runway Smartwatch from Michael Kors

Last August, Michael Kors launched its brand new Access Runway smartwatches that come with more upgrades. In its latest smartwatch that runs on Wear OS powered by Google, Michael Kors offers an option of an 18mm silicone strap and three other stainless steel options. Besides more choices in straps, there are multiple color options including gold, silver, black, rose gold, ceramic, two-tone and even rainbow.

Top 7 FREE Apps that can Help you Achieve your Fitness Goals

More than halfway throughout the year and that New Year’s resolution to be healthy has yet to be fulfilled. Though there are roughly five months left before the year ends, there’s still plenty of time to start changing your lifestyle. The best thing about it is you don’t need to get a gym membership in order to get fit. What you need are these apps that would help guide you towards your fitness goals.

Top Smartwatches Price List 2019

Top 10 products Price Store
Apple Watch Series 4 40mm ₱ 12,410.00 Galleon
Samsung Gear Fit ₱ 5,290.00 Lazada
Apple Watch Series 1 42mm ₱ 5,467.00 Galleon
Samsung Gear Fit2 ₱ 8,490.00 Argomall
Fitbit Versa ₱ 10,390.00 LazMall by Lazada
Apple Watch Series 3 ₱ 15,794.58 Amazon
Samsung Galaxy Watch 42mm ₱ 13,470.00 Lazada
Samsung Galaxy Watch 46mm ₱ 13,900.00 Lazada
Samsung Gear Fit2 Pro ₱ 5,799.00 Galleon
Apple Watch Series 4 44mm ₱ 21,928.40 Amazon
Most Popular
Apple Watch Series 4 40mm

Cheapest at Galleon ₱ 12,410.00 Go to Shop

Factors to Consider When Buying a Smartwatch

The battle for smartwatch supremacy is on. From big names to Kickstarter projects, dozens of companies are competing for the coveted spot – your wrist. The main appeal of smartwatches is the convenience that they ey to users. Most smartwatches today can be synced to your smartphones for you to perform tasks such as checking incoming messages and controlling your music without accessing your smartphone. There are also smartwatches that consist of built-in fitness features which help you to keep better tabs on your health such as activity trackers and heart rate monitors.

Hence, with so many smartwatches available today, choosing the ideal one for you can be a headache. There are many elements that you should consider about before you confirm your purchase. Hence, here is a quick guide to help you decide on the best smartwatch that matches your needs.

Compatibility with Your Smartphone

The first factor to consider when buying a smartwatch is to identify whether it is compatible with your smartphone. Compatibility with your smartphone is important because you will need to connect both devices for the smartwatch access incoming calls, texts, and other notifications. Not every smartwatch will work with your smartphone, so you should take the effort to check if the former can complement the latter.

Features on the Smartwatch

Another factor to think about is the features you would like to have on your smartwatches. Some smartwatches provide basic functions such as notifying you of incoming messages and calls. There are also others that sport additional features such as fitness trackers and built-in GPS, which are useful if you are a fitness buff. Hence, you will need to ask yourself whether you will be using those additional features before purchasing, otherwise, it will just be a waste of money. Take note however that smartwatches with abundant features tend to cost more.

Allocated Budget

There is a wide selection of smartwatches in the market today, with ah ranging from affordable to premium, depending on the features and accessories. When buying a smartwatch, you should also plan the amount of money you are willing to spend on it. As mentioned above, smartwatches that sport c7 features tend to be costlier, so you will need to consider if you will be using the additional features.

Battery Life

When it comes to battery life, it varies from one hd to another. Most smartwatches with colour screens can last up to two days per charge, while others can barely last up to a day. Keep in mind that what features do a smartwatch have will also impact the battery life. For example, models with a large screen, advanced sensors, GPS, and fitness monitors are c7 likely to run out of juice faster.

Want to glamorize your smartwatch? Check out these accessories to make your smartwatch into a fashion item to match your personal style!