From armor cases to straps to headphones, there is a ton of smartwatch accessories in the Philippines to choose from. Here is a narrowed down list of accessories that are essential for your smartwatch.

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6 Essential Smartwatch Accessories that every Techie Must Have

If you spent some big cash on a smartwatch, then you might as well want some awesome accessories to go with it. Just like any other gadget, a smartwatch needs accessories in order to maximize its capabilities. However, there are some accessories you need and others that may just be fancy add-ons. Here are 6 essential smartwatch accessories you may need and things to consider when choosing one.

Armor cases

If you’re afraid to go trekking, mountain climbing, and doing other sports activities because your smartwatch might get scuffs or scratches, then worry not. A hardy armor case just like the ones from Spigen will get the job done. A Spigen armor case is usually made from polycarbonate or TPU to ensure the watch will be protected from protruding objects in the road like stray branches and accidental falls. Also, look for a case that won’t interfere with your smartwatch strap.


It is best to go for a design that is versatile since it will be suitable for any occasions: whether you’re on a board meeting or in a bar. A leather strap is definitely something that will complement with any kind of outfit. Black straps will also work as long as they match well with your smartwatch.


Since there is a wide range of smartwatch docks in the market, it is best to go for one that is filled with features. An example of this will be the smart docks from WatchKeeper. What’s amazing about this product is that they keep your smartwatch safe and charge it at the same time. The container is elegant and stylish. It also has a compartment for your charging cable underneath the watch.


To help you accomplish tough runs and gym routines, you need music to your ears. With smartwatch headphones, not only will you enjoy your runs while listening to your favorite upbeat tracks but also take calls on the go. Select one that has a capacious battery life and run-friendly features to ensure comfort and enhance your performance.

Power bank

If your smartwatch has a decent to below average battery life, then you might need a power bank. Battery boosters the size of a key ring such as the ones from Griffin are an ideal choice. Battery capacity is another factor to consider when looking for smartwatch power banks. A 1000mAh battery will suffice for two or three full charges of your power-hungry smartwatch.

Screen Protectors

Screen protectors shield your smartwatch’s screen from scratches and marks. If you’re in the market for one, screen protectors of 0.2mm thick will suffice. Also, make sure that it offers an ultra-clear effect and won’t diminish the quality of images. Above all, the screen protector should fit around your case and strap.