Pineng is your premier provider for portable power bank. Safety, self-sufficiency, solid, sleek and slim are the words that describe the well-designed power bank from Pineng. Pineng power bank will never let you down whenever you need that extra power backup that can be easily carried and used anywhere and anytime.

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Pineng PN-999 ₱ 739.00 Shopee
Pineng PN-968 Black ₱ 329.00 Shopee
Pineng PN-928 ₱ 650.00 Shopee
Pineng PN-968 Orange ₱ 539.00 Shopee
Pineng PN-968 White ₱ 539.00 Shopee
Pineng PN-968 ₱ 245.52 Shopee
Pineng PN-920 ₱ 386.10 Shopee
Pineng PN-953 ₱ 700.00 Shopee
Pineng PN-960 6000mAh Carbon Fiber Outer Shell w/ Intelligent Identification System Lithium Polymer Original Powerbank (White) ₱ 339.00 LazMall by Lazada
Pineng Powerbank Pn-969 20000Mah Power Bank ₱ 450.00 Shopee
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Pineng PN-999

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Pineng Philippines the Premier Power Bank

Since its inception in 2007, Pineng has been growing and expanding as an established high-tech global supplier that specialises in the research and development, production and marketing of power banks, universal backup power supplies for Sony PSP, Apple iPhone, iPod, iPad and numerous other electronic devices. Although being in the business for just several years, Pineng contributes a lot in making power banks or portable power supplies to be have bigger storage, more reliable, safer, cheaper and more durable.

As of now, Pineng has more than 200 skilled employees that includes experienced engineers in the related field of power pack field. It is a working force with rich and vast experience in building portable power pack field. As such, they are dedicated in improving the power of production, design, marketing and quality control in that related field. Their driving force in introducing novel innovation to the power bank have enable their power banks to obtain certificates such as CE, RoHS and FCC. In other words, this shows that Pineng prodcuts are built to highest standards and are also in compliance with safety and environmental legislation. Not only that, Pineng is a company certified with ISO 9001: 2000. Such is the achievement of Pineng that it has been recognised to have good quality management whether in the design, development and distribution of the products as well as placing priority on customers' satisfaction. Not only that, Pineng also continues to seek and increase its strategic partnership with domestic and overseas partner.

Pineng Philippines the Pioneer of Progressive Technology

Pineng believes in the philosophy of "Your Needs, Our Promise" which simply means that Pineng will and has always been placing tremendous priority in making sure that their customers get the satisfaction from Pineng's products. Notably, Pineng has been recognised to have gained well-deserved reputation in the industry with strong emphasis on customer service and quality. In addition, Pineng has built and established a strong, credible sales team and regular customer group at the same time. From there, Pineng is able to gain valuable feedback that will be useful for Pineng to build and design successful power bank designs that are solid, sleek and slim.

Most importantly, it will be the robust power bank that people can carry and use it whenever they need without any worry, fear or concern. As one of the leading supplier of power banks, it is not a surprise that Pineng has been able to expand to Asia, Europe and Oceania. Always on the lookout for newer technology and trend, Pineng is also active in constantly introducing latest power bank designs that continue to win the heart of the people who use them. In order to meet the increasing competitions and challenges in the market, Pineng continues to place special priority in improving

Pineng Philippines - Premier Power Bank

Would Not Blow Up

One thing that distinguishes Pineng power bank from others is safety; the Pineng power bank has properly laid cabling and battery as well as A7 intelligence processors that prevent power leakage or overcharging.

Tough As Tank

The durability of Pineng power bank means that you will not worry that your power bank will be easily damaged if you accidentally drop it or when you are trapped in adverse conditions.

Cables For Everyone

Whether you are using Android or iOS devices, the Pineng power bank has a variety of charging cables in the form of microUSB and lightning connectors that are compatible to both of them.

Real Power Pack

The technology and design of Pineng power bank allows you to carry enough power to charge multiple devices many times over as well as retains the charged power without losing any when not in use.

Price That You Need & Deserve

Pineng power banks are affordable for the amount of power that they can hold and store.

Sleek and Slim

With such sleek and slim designs of Pineng power bank, you do not need to bring the boxy and cumbersome power banks anymore.

Still Have More Power

Amazingly, Pineng power bank comes with the digital interface that shows how much power you have left before recharging and the last thing you want is a empty power bank!

              Popular Pineng Philippines Products

              Pineng PN-968

              They come with tow colours orange or grey. This Pineng power bank carries the capacity of 10000mAH and is available in either orange or grey.

              Pineng PN-999

              With capacity of whopping 20000mAH, this Pineng power bank is available in either white, gold or silver.

              Pineng PN-989

              Sleek but with Double Capacity is the thing that you can find in Pineng PN-989. If you need a sleek power bank with capacity 20000mAH, Pineng PN-989 is the perfect power bank for your needs.

              Save more money when buy in bulk!

              If you need more than 1 Pineng power bank, you can save more money by buying them in bulk!

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