Pineng power banks are made of high quality components and circuitry that makes it a top choice for many users. As we use many portable and handheld devices today, the power bank has become a very essential utility and partner to our devices, keeping our phones and tablets charged always. You can read more about Pineng power banks here.

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Pineng PN-953 ₱ 700.00 Shopee
Pineng PN-960 ₱ 369.00 LazMall by Lazada
Pineng PN-993 ₱ 389.00 LazMall by Lazada
Pineng PN-968 Black ₱ 539.00 Shopee
Pineng PN-968 Orange ₱ 539.00 Shopee
Pineng PN-968 White ₱ 539.00 Shopee
Pineng PN-999 ₱ 739.00 Shopee
Pineng PN-968 ₱ 297.00 Lazada
Pineng PN-920 ₱ 382.20 Shopee
Pineng PN-928 ₱ 650.00 Shopee
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Pineng PN-953

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Pineng Power bank Philippines

About Pineng

Pineng, or the full name, Zhongshan Pineng Battery Co. Ltd., is a manufacturer of Pineng power bank, batteries, chargers, and other power related products. They do not only manufacture the power banks, but they also market it worldwide, with reaches to every possible market out there. Pineng does everything in-house: All the research, development, marketing, and production of their power banks are not outsourced, giving them ultimate control on every aspect of the product from the start to the finish.

Being an ISO9001: 2000 certified company has Pineng pay utmost attention and care to every aspect of their business, while striving to improve constantly and also to innovate, not to mention having compete with other competitors as well.

Why choose Pineng Power Bank Philippines?

  • Pineng uses only high quality materials and components to produce their power banks, which ensures that usage of their power banks remain risk and danger free throughout.
  • Pineng power banks also have a lot of electronical protection such as circuit protection and overcharging protection to ensure that the power banks do not overcharge or short-circuit.
  • Voltage recognition chip is intelligent enough to detect a electronic device's charge input for optimal charging.
  • Comes in many different functional forms that includes a flashlight and a display to show its current battery capacity. Some even have dual USB ports for users to charge two devices at a single time.
  • Compact and slim so that it is easily carried around in our pockets or bags.
  • Affordable, costing little at a high battery capacity.
  • Compatible with virtually all devices so as long as the Pineng power bank's charge output is sufficient enough.

Pineng Power Bank models

Pineng produces a variety of power banks that are available in many different battery capacities: 10000 mAh, 11200 mAh, 15000 mAh, 16800 mAh, and 20000 mAh. Each battery capacity series of power bank has different models, colors and shapes – allowing users to choose from a wide variety of choices.

  • 5000 mAh battery capacity Pineng power banks. These are the smallest Pineng battery capacity models. These power banks are slightly smaller than the other battery capacities and are suitable for those who require very little power or spend very little time away from a charging outlet. It is also more suitable for those who own a device with a smaller battery.
  • 10000 mAh battery capacity Pineng power banks. These are the most common Pineng power banks around as they provide a nice balance between having a smaller power bank and a larger power bank without being overly large or hefty. The 10000 mAh power bank also comes in various shapes, sizes, and colors to match your devices or to give a more personalized feel to your power bank.
  • 11200/15000/16800 mAh battery capacity Pineng power banks. This is a slightly less common battery capacity in a power bank and is suitable for those who just want a power bank with a slightly larger charge.
  • 20000 mAh battery capacity Pineng power banks. These are the largest Pineng power banks available in the market, and they usually hold enough charge to charge many devices or a single device many times. This is suitable for the power user who is always on the go, or are often away from power outlets.

A power bank is a very suitable tool and utility in this time and age where we are always using our smartphones or other portable electronic devices which run on batteries. Power banks can keep these devices charged and ready for our use at any time.