A respected leader in making audio products, Pioneer has been around in the business of audio engineering since 1938. Read more about Pioneer Philippines audio here.


Pioneer Philippines Audio: Sound. Vision. Soul.

Hailed from Japan, Pioneer is one of foremost global leaders when it comes to manufacturing and marketing audio products for home, car and business markets. Designing imaginative audio system that enables everyone to experience and enjoy the richness of audio to the fullest, Pioneer audio products are famous for being innovative as they introduce newer elements that elevate your enjoyment. Like a powerful audio system, Pioneer desires to build its audio products to resonate with your soul by maximizing their performance. In order to achieve this, every Pioneer product is exclusively designed to stir your senses in a way that will merge your soul with the music. With a good track record of satisfied users, Pioneer proves to be a brand that understands your innermost desires of having an immersive audio experience.

Pioneer Philippines Audio - Your Consummate Audio Provider

Since 1938, Pioneer has been developing high tech entertainment products that will fit your lifestyle. Powered by limitless creativity, Pioneer grows to be one of the trusted brand when it comes to high quality audio engineering. Like its name itself, Pioneer has literally pioneered and provided many innovative audio solutions in the world of audio engineering. All of these innovations translate to better audio experience, as testified by its growing number of customers and orders. In addition, Pioneer audio products are also renowned when it comes to car audio equipment. Moreover, Pioneer car stereo systems are one of the most popular car audio equipment in the market and they are very easy to be installed and configured to fit into your car. Not only that, Pioneer is also able to produce its own car navigation systems.

Popular Pioneer Philippines Audio Products That You Should Know

  • Pioneer Headphones - Providing your personal, portable audio system, Pioneer headphones are one of the finest headphones that you will find in the market. Finely tuned with precise calibrations, Pioneer headphones will deliver your audio with such clarity, depth and strength. Whether you are just a casual listener, enthusiasts or audiophiles, you will discover that Pioneer has created numerous headphones to cater for you guys. This is because Pioneer boasts three different types of headphones: Audiophile headphones, Premium headphones and Lifestyle headphones. Each of them is designed specifically to provide for people with different preferences. As a matter of fact, no one is being left out and all of them can enjoy their desired music.
  • Pioneer Home Theater - From the sub woofers to the full home theater package, Pioneer supplies a wide variety of home audio equipment for you to enjoy the true surround sound experience. Expect to embrace the new audio experience that Pioneer home theater can offer. Offering the latest technology, discover how Pioneer home theater can deliver smoother audio experience without any distortion. Enjoy listening to rich yet subtle sound quality without the need to shift your seat. Pioneer brings the full power of audio to your home!
  • Pioneer Microphone - Offering a wide variety of microphones, Pioneer always loves to design and produce its microphones to supply different needs and usages. For instance, Pioneer has produced a specialised microphone for specific car models. Capable of amplifying your voice to be clear and audible, Pioneer microphones can provide better performance even in noisy environment! The Pioneer microphone is built with high quality materials that offer exceptional build quality and this means that your microphone is durable and built to last long.
  • Pioneer Mobile Speakers - Basically Pioneer mobile speakers are your all purpose portable sound system that you can easily carry around without much trouble. Utilising the same advanced technology in other Pioneer audio products, do not be surprised to find that same powerful audio performance that Pioneer mobile speakers can bring!

Indulge In The Power Of Pioneer Philippines Audio

Thanks to Pioneer, you can enjoy the awesomeness of audio like never before. It is the desire of Pioneer that it wants its users to be able to enjoy the audio fully and immerse in it. Thanks to Pioneer audio products, experiencing the superb audio performance without any distortion allows you to embrace your favourite movie, music or video. Indulge in immense audio pleasure as Pioneer is sharpening its technology that can allow you to experience emotion seamlessly.