Discover the beauty of instant photography with the pioneer brand Polaroid. Embrace our old technologies through new tech advancements for photography that has endless possibilities. Polaroid strives to provide immediate luxury that connects the world through social sharing! Explore all about instant cameras and enrich your collection of precious memories with personalized Polaroid pictures and share them!

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Experience a special type of photography with Polaroid

For more than 75 years, Polaroid has created the magic of instant photography with gushes of innovative ideas. Polaroid has been creating special ways for us to experience the best of photography. Edwin H. Land, founder of Polaroid created the world’s first instant camera in 1943 and transformed the art of photography into an instant art form. This film that developed itself in a matter of minutes not only stunned the world, it also created a trend for social sharing!

How does Polaroid Instant Film works?

Instant camera film works similarly with the regular camera film, but with a few extra elements. The basic idea of film is to capture patterns of light using special chemicals so the camera lightly exposes the film to the light coming from a scene (typically for a small fraction of a second). So, when the light hits the film, a chemical reaction is triggered staining the film to reflect an image.

To turn this into a picture, you have to develop the film using more chemicals by treating the film with three different kinds of dye developers that has dye couplers. The three dye colours are:

  • Cyan (a combination of blue and green light)
  • Magenta (a combination of blue and red light)
  • Yellow (a combination of red and green light)

These dye-coupler types will react individually with each colour layer in the film. The Polaroid Instant Camera develops the film by combining the colours in the same basic way as slide films, but the film develops instantly because the developing chemicals are already present in the special ZINK film itself. Thus, your captured picture can be instantly printed out!

Polaroid Camera

Instant film loves light, loves temperate temperatures so a warm and sunny day would be the perfect place and time for your first few steps into instant film. The new smartphone in your pocket maybe a more powerful and versatile camera than many dedicated point-and-shoot cameras, but portable Poloroid camera that can print photos as soon as you take them, will always be way cooler!

Nowadays, more and more people prefer to share memories with friends without digitally tagging people on Facebook. Having a printed (hardcopy) of those special moments will make them even more special. Old Polaroid cameras can make interiors shots a tad bit tricky, because you have to get the lighting right but with Polaroid’s latest Polaroid Socialmatic Instant Digital Camera shooting in doors or outdoors is just a shutter click away!

This Polaroid camera is a 14-megapixel shooter that also has a 2-megapixel selfie camera. This boxy Instagram inspired camera has a 4 GB storage and a microSD slot. This Polaroid will satisfy both the retro lovers and the social obsessed young generation as the device comes with a built-in Android 4.4 KitKat and a built-in zero-ink printer! Let yourself have some fun with the unpredictable outcomes of instant film!

Polaroid Cube—the new adorable cube-shaped action camera with Wi-Fi

If action and fun-filled video recording is what you need, get the cute and colourful Polaroid Cube that packed in a 35mmx35mm cube shaped box which weighs 45.4 grams. This eye-catching Polaroid Cube is also an inexpensive for catching life's little moments on the fly. With a 1080p action cam, video quality is best captured at the outdoors with good lighting. The Polaroid Cube is ultrasmall, lightweight and can be used for capturing HD-resolution videos, snapping photos (up to 6 megapixels shots) and mounted on as a dashboard cam.

With a wide-angle lens of 124-degrees, you can capture a large part of landscapes (with some barrel distortion), but this shock-proof and weatherproof cube is very durable (so a little rain or snow won't hurt it). The Polaroid Cube has several types of stands and mounts that will help you be creative with your video capturing (even a monkey stand is offered!).

Polaroid Sunglasses—don’t let glare ruin the moment

Get these practically unbreakable Polaroid sunglasses and don’t fall into the deep pit while having fun with your loved ones. Let’s not let the glaring sun beams ruin your fun moments!

Normal sunglasses only decrease the intensity of the glaring sunrays but with a pair of Polaroid sunglasses, strong light rays can be completely eliminated as well as specific frequencies of light. So, you can see clearer as certain frequencies of light can blur your vision. While picking out your pair of Polaroid sunglasses, choose the colour that will suit in specific situations.

All Polaroid sunglasses come with UltraSight™ lenses, which are made from technically advanced eco-polymers that are formed and quality checked at Polaroid’s European research and production facility in Scotland. Polaroid uses Thermofusion™ Technology, a process exclusively developed exclusively for Polaroid Eyewear so Polaroid sunglasses will give you an outstanding visual acuity. This means your view will be very accurate, even at a distance. Polaroid lenses also block all harmful UV light (up to 400nm). Polaroid takes care of your eyes seriously with style and advanced eyewear technology!