Popsockets are attachable accessories for your smartphone that provide you comfort and a nice grip. Smartphone users in Malaysia find these accessories helpful in keeping their devices safe and secure. Click here to read more.

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9 Reasons Why PopSockets are Must-Have Accessories for Your Smartphone

Our smartphones are valuable possessions that we all try to keep as secure as possible. That is why most people put on phone cases for their phones to make sure that the phone’s physical integrity is preserved. However, a simple phone case isn’t really enough to keep our phone safe from harm and damages. Whether we like admit it or not, there are times when we tend to be clumsy and drop our phones unintentionally. That is why phone grips from Popsockets Philippines are the in-thing these days. Here are reasons why many people use these accessories.

Secure and Comfortable Grip

Losing a smartphone can be pretty devastating as you would need to have your passwords changed, all your contacts informed and have their details retrieved, and say goodbye to your photo albums and music files. One of the reasons why this happens is because the phone is not attached to us. They do not only provide a secure grip but also comfort.

Collapsible accessory

Using two popsockets, you can clip your phone to your laptop’s screen, giving you the freedom to secure your phone, keep it within your line of sight, as you work and play. The best thing about that is, the popsockets can easily be detached from your phone contrary to those ring accessories that are attached to a back of the phone with a hard to remove adhesive. The pop clip, on the other hand, is a detachable accessory that can be easily detached from popsockets.

Sticks to Any Device and Surface

Although popsockets do not attach on devices made from silicone or waterproofing material, they adhere on common devices and cases. Also, popsockets come with a companion accessory called a “pop clip” which attaches on your car’s dashboard. Aside from that, it sticks to virtually any vertical surface like walls, dashboards, bed posts, mirrors, refrigerators.

Convenient Stand

What makes popsockets stand out from other phone accessories is that they can serve as a stand. This makes for easy reading of text messages and email, browsing the web, video chatting with your family and friends, shopping on Amazon, and watching your favorite videos on Youtube as you can do all these activities hands-free. Whether you need your phone to be put in place straight up or horizontally, the popsockets can easily be adjusted to suit your needs.

Do One-Handed Selfies with Ease

With popsockets, you can capture videos and photos from many improved angles. Also, doing one-handed selfies with it provides you better angles as you can hold your phone as far as your arm can reach. Now, you will no longer have problems taking selfies in bed as there’s no way your phone will drop.

One-Handed Grip on Big Screen Phones

Popsockets can easily be moved from one spot on your phone’s surface to another. Adjusting it and locking it in place is fairly easy. If you have a large screen phone and you’re struggling to use it single-handedly, simply move the popsocket towards the side where your dominant hand is. If you’re right handed, move the popsocket to the right-hand side of your phone’s back surface; if you’re left-handed, move it to the left-hand side. That simple.

Cord Wrap

Tired of your headsets getting tangled when you keep them inside your pockets? Popsockets can also work as a cord wrap for your cords. Just make the popsockets pop back up in shape and twirl the cord around it as you desire. This is especially perfect for those headsets which are a longer than the usual. You can also use this for your work desk to minimize the wires on your table and keep them organized. Basically, popsockets can work as a cord wrap to all cords, not just for mobile phone headsets.

Accessory for Various Gadgets

The beauty of popsockets is that they’re not just made for the benefit of smartphones, they can be used for any gadgets like the following: PSP, tablets, ebook reader, iPod and compact mp3 players, and even for laptops. A popsocket can also be used with another popsocket and will provide a more ergonomic functionality.

Sleek and Compact

Unlike other phone accessories that provide a secure grip to your phone, the popsockets are very compact. While it seems bulky when spread out to serve its function, when you need to put your phone into your pocket, you can easily shrink it by pushing its base inwards. It will then lay flat on the surface of your phone as if it’s a plus sized coin. If you need it in action, simply pull it up and it will pop back up to its regular form.