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Porta Plain Skinny Pants at 832.00 PHP from YesStyle
Porta Plain Skinny Pants
₱ 832.00 ₱ 1,040.00
Brand from China: Porta. Color: White, Materials: Denim Cotton, Size: S: Waist: 62-76cm, Hips: 66-84cm, Thigh: 36-48cm, Rise: 27cm, Total Length: 91cm M: Waist: 66-80cm, Hips: 68-86cm, Thigh: 38-52cm, Rise: 28cm, Total Length: 92cm L: Waist: 70-84cm, Hips: 70-88cm, Thigh: 40-56cm, Rise: 29cm, Total Length: 92cm XL: Waist: 72-88cm, Hips: 72-92cm, Thigh: 42-60cm, Rise: 30cm, Total Length: 93cm, Care: Hand Wash, Machine Wash
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Porta Distressed Twill Leggings at 988.00 PHP from YesStyle
Porta Distressed Twill Leggings
₱ 988.00 ₱ 1,040.00
These twill leggings are slightly thicker but fit like your favorite skinny jeans minus the fussy buttons and zip! Pockets at the back add functional symmetry while belt loops make it easy to accessorize with a belt. Color: Black White, Materials: Cotton, Size: S Waist:62-76 cm Hips:66-84 cm Total Length:91 cm Thigh:36-48 cm M Waist:66-80 cm Hips:68-86 cm Total Length:92cm Thigh:38-52 cm L Waist:70-84 cm Hips:70-88 cm Total Length:92 cm Thigh:40-56 cm XL Waist:72-88 cm Hips:72-92 cm Total Length:93 cm Thigh:42-60 cm, Care: Hand Wash
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Porta Corduroy Jumper Pants at 991.00 PHP from YesStyle
Porta Corduroy Jumper Pants
₱ 991.00 ₱ 1,239.00
Brand from China: Porta. Color: Pink, Materials: Corduroy, Size: S: Waist: 92cm, Hips: 96cm, Thigh: 59cm, Total Length: 131cm M: Waist: 96cm, Hips: 100cm, Thigh: 63cm, Total Length: 132cm L: Waist: 100cm, Hips: 104cm, Thigh: 65cm, Total Length: 132cm XL: Waist: 102cm, Hips: 106cm, Thigh: 67cm, Total Length: 133cm, Care: Machine Wash, Hand Wash
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Porta Cropped Wide Leg Pants at 833.00 PHP from YesStyle
Porta Cropped Wide Leg Pants
₱ 833.00 ₱ 1,189.00
Brand from China: Porta. Color: Chocolate, Materials: Linen, Size: S: Waist: 62cm, Thigh: 67cm, Hem: 59cm, Pants Length: 83cm M: Waist: 66cm, Thigh: 69cm, Hem: 60cm, Pants Length: 84cm L: Waist: 70cm, Thigh: 71cm, Hem: 61cm, Pants Length: 85cm XL: Waist: 74cm, Thigh: 73cm, Hem: 62cm, Pants Length: 86cm, Care: N/A
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