The devil is not the only one who can rock a Prada item. Founded by Mario Prada in 1913, Prada has been offering high-quality products, including their luxurious bags for more than 100 years. Some might say that owning a Prada bag is a necessity for every woman and man. To read more about Prada bags in the Philippines, read here.


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5 Unique Prada Bags in Philippines You Need to Get Your Hands On

Although Prada bags are all of the highest standards, some of them are truly iconic. Instead of implementing basic designs with solid colors and common materials, some Prada bags are more than that. Below are just five Prada handbags with the most iconic designs and unique materials.

Prada Velvet Bag

This Prada purse is made with the highest quality of velvet. Available in four fashion-forward colors, the design of the bag is akin to a trunk, with corner embellishments and a faux buckle on the front. Other than that, the bag features a detachable embroidered velvet shoulder strap, bronze hardware, embroidered lettering logo, magnetic button closure, and one inside pocket.

Prada Etiquette Bag

The Prada Etiquette purse is available in six different models but the most notable Etiquette bag is the leather mid-sized shoulder bag. This Prada purse uses python and calf leather along with suede. While only available in one color, this Prada purse features three different colors for the strap (pink), flap (brown), and the body (violet). Better yet, it has a gold-plated hardware, two inside pockets, and detachable adjustable leather handle.

Prada Light Frame

Prada Light Frame bags are available in three different designs: solid colors, floral, and fur. The floral, however, stands out from the rest. Coming in a bottle green color, this Saffiano leather Prada handbag has a detachable leather handle and gold-plated hardware, just like the Prada Etiquette and the Prada Velvet bags. The design, though, is one of a kind, similar to Frida Kahlo’s flower paintings.

Prada Micro Cahier Bag

Despite its tiny size, the Prada Micro Cahier bag is bold. It’s quite similar to the Prada Velvet bag except that all the buckles and embellishments are real; it’s like carrying a tiny trunk across your shoulders. The Prada Micro Cahier bag is available in purple, black, and green, complete with bronze-finish metal hardware on the Saffiano leather body. Both the leather strap and the metal chain shoulder strap are detachable so you can turn the Prada Micro Cahier bag into a mini Prada clutch.

Prada Pionnière bag

If bright and bold designs aren’t your cup of tea, there are other Prada purses with solid colors and simple designs. Take the Prada Pionnière bag for example. Available in black, red, and pink, it uses Saffiano and calf leather to achieve a sophisticated look while maintaining simplicity. Because of the bronze-finish metal hardware and bronze metal lettering, it’s still elegant despite its lack of extravagant designs. It has one inside pocket so you can secure small items in it and a strap closure on the front.