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Pyle PDA35BT 100 Watt Mini Bluetooth Power Digital Class D Amplifier & Headphone Amplifier with Two Aux Inputs 2 Channel Stereo Output Portable Compact
₱ 5,643.00
The Pyle PDA35BT Compact & Portable Amplifier features built-in Bluetooth for wireless audio streaming ability. Connect & stream audio from all of your favorite devices like Smartphones, Tablets, Laptops and computers. This high-efficiency and high-powered mini system produces an impressive 100 Watt MAX power into 8 Ohms, or 50 Watt per channel. You will enjoy versatile sound processing with crisp sound reproduction at a fraction of the size. Additional features include rear panel RCA (L/R) outputs, Banana Plug speaker inputs, 3.5mm (AUX) input, along with a 1/4'' headphone jack -- which makes this system double as a Headphone Amplifier. Enjoy compact, versatile and wireless sound amplifying ability with the Pyle PDA35BT Bluetooth Mini Amp.
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Pyle Home PHE5AB Bass Boost Portable Headphone Amplifier, Black
₱ 1,504.00
The PHE5AB with its 1/8" stereo input and output provides listeners portable amplification that both increases sound quality while extending the battery life of portable players. Both high and low frequencies stand out more adding life to otherwise dull, muddy headphones. The volume adjustment is a great addition allowing you to boost or attenuate levels further. With the bass boost engaged you can listen to music at low volumes while maintaining a flat even response or add fullness at normal listening levels. The on/off power button lets you cut audio without clipping and the LED indicator gives feedback to let you know what state the amplifier is in. With the included USB charging cable and two 1/8" to 1/8" stereo cables, the robust, rechargeable, PHE5AB gives you everything you need to elevate your listening experience today.
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Pyle PGPHONE80 Professional PC Gaming Headset with Mic USB Headphones and Microphone for Windows Mac Computer Games 7.1 Virtual Surround Sound Audio
₱ 2,766.00
Say hello to the Pyle Professional PGPHONE80 gaming head set and Microphone. Plug the earphones into USB port and use both speaker and mic without any driver installation on both Windows and Mac. PC ONLY - Install the included PC software and driver and access the 7.1 3D audio technology. Create different sound profile settings with custom settings to EQ, 7.1 balance and more. PGPHONE80 will work with PS4 With a wide frequency response 20Hz-20KHZ and built in virtual 7.1 surround sound, these gaming headphones were designed to deliver accurate auditory details to give gamers an edge over any competition playing games in a 2D stereo world. Let’s face it - most PC headsets just suck to wear for a long time. For one, the sizing is often rigid, making the earpieces shift every time you move. Yeah, no biggie for a 45 min game - but after a few hours, the rubbing can cause distracting and uncomfortable irritation. PGPHONE80 was designed with a unique suspended resistance system that holds the padded headpiece with a firm but giving tension on your head while the metal frame keeps the headset’s weight balanced so it is not resting on your ears. With the illuminated ear pieces and mic and the premium 6.5’ blue and black wrapped fabric cable, these just look plain cool! On ear volume adjustment and bass boost is simply more convenient than hunting around for the in line clunky control unit. Power bass/ vibration mode adds powerful bass to your music and makes for an intense real life computer gaming experience. With the setting active the lowest frequencies (booms and such) will cause an the earpieces to vibrate - without being too overboard or causing any sound distortion. Free 1 year manufacturer’s warranty from Pyle!
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Pyle Home PHE1AB iPod and iPhone Headphone Amplifier
₱ 1,002.00
This iPod/iPhone headphone amplifier plugs into your iDevice's 30-pin dock connector and amplifies the line-level output for a higher-quality signal. The Texas Instruments amplifier creates a high-power output to drive high impedance or low sensitivity headphones or earphones. Plus it has a volume control remote, so you can control your iPhone or iPod from the headphones with your player in your pocket. Clip it onto anything using the built-in clip. It's powered by your iPhone or iPod, so no battery is required.
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Pyle Pgphone80 Professional Pc Gaming Headset With Mic UsbHeadphones And Microphone For Windows Mac Computer Games 7.1Virtual Surround Sound Audio
₱ 3,828.00
*Prices updated on 21 Sep 2017

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